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Battle Hunters ZERO lets you play the classic-style RPG with enhanced visuals and gameplay for free on iOS

In case you missed it, Phase Two Games’ Battle Hunters ZERO lets you relive the glory days of classic RPGs but with revamped graphics and an exhilarating combination of fantasy and sci-fi.

Players will initially embark on the journey with a three-hero party made up of a soldier, an archer and a wizard, but will soon discover and recruit a huge cast of colourful and surprising characters to expand this lineup along the way.

Initially ported to PC and the Nintendo Switch at $17 a pop, the new iOS version: Battle Hunters ZERO delivers all the same console / PC enhancements and overall improvements for free – all players have to do is shell out a measly $1 to remove ads to enjoy the game without interruptions.

As for the gameplay itself, players can enjoy a unique mix of real-time combat and tactical turn-based battles. Commanding an array of heroes – each with unique abilities – players can mix and match characters to find their favourite combination and keep things fresh with every new battle.


There are four overworlds to discover and more than 80 enemy types that will put your skills to the test, so if you’re eager to get started on the 15+ hours of gameplay, you can download Battle Hunters ZERO for FREE on the iOS App Store today.

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