Bayonetta 3: Where to Find All Blue Medallion Shards

Bayonetta 3 is full of collectibles, but there are some that can remain hidden the entire game if you don’t know where to look. Blue Medallion Shards are definitely the best example of these well-hidden treasures. There are only four in the entire game, and each is easily missed. 

Blue Medallion Shards are worth tracking down, though, if you want to see all the content Bayonetta 3 has to offer. Once you collect all four of them, you’ll unlock the full Blue Medallion, which will open a new stage hiding a secret boss fight against The Golem. It’s a treat unto itself, especially for those looking for a challenge. 

Blue Medallion Shard Locations

Each of the Blue Medallion Shards is hidden in a different level. You can find them in:

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 10

When revisiting chapters, you can select which section of the level you want to return to. Luckily, each of the Blue Medallion Shards can be found in the early portions of their respective levels, so you can start from the beginning without worrying about grinding through unnecessary fights just to reach them. 

Where to Find Medallion Shard #1 in Chapter 1

The first Blue Medallion Shard is found super early in the first official chapter of Bayonetta 3 (although it is technically the third stage). After completing Verse 1, face the broken arch in front of you, and head to the right. From there, you can look down and see a gold-tinged relic. Proceed down the crumbling stairs until you reach it. Break the relic by attacking it to receive the first collectible. 

Where to Find Medallion Shard #2 in Chapter 4

After the first two Verses of Chapter 4 (the first being an optional challenge), you’ll be forced to jump across a broken bridge. Keep going, and you’ll see a glowing blue door. Do not proceed yet.

Dash and jump over to the other formation on the opposite side. Here, you’ll find the relic containing the second Blue Medallion Shard. 

Where to Find Medallion Shard #3 in Chapter 7

The third Blue Medallion Shard is found in the cavern you enter as Viola early in Chapter 7. Run right until you pass through the waterfall section and reach an overlook. You’ll see a portal on a ledge down from you, but ignore that for now.

Instead, jump and glide across the gap to a small ledge with a locked door. The relic with the third Medallion Shard will be waiting for you in front of the door. 

Where to Find Medallion Shard #4 in Chapter 10

After Verse 2 of Chapter 10, you’ll be facing an upward incline. The path will split forward and right up ahead, and there will be a short tower in the middle of the fork. Attack the base of the tower wall to break it open and reveal the final Medallion Shard.

There is a larger tower with a lift platform a bit back from this tower, but that is not the one you are looking for. 

And that’s where you will find each of the four Medallion Shards in Bayonetta 3. Once you get the final collectible, they’ll combine to form the Blue Medallion, and you’ll have access to the Golem secret boss. For more guides on Bayonetta 3, such as how to unlock the secret chapter (which is different than the secret boss), how to get every outfit, or how to complete the Bite and Toss challenge for a Broken Witch Heart, click the links or visit our Bayonetta 3 guides hub for more. 

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