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Beginner Tips And Tricks For Survival In Content Warning

As content creators in Content Warning, your filming skills are put to the test in a horrific manner. You and your crew need to get together and explore haunted realms in order to come up with videos that can go viral and earn you big bucks.




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As you gain more popularity on Spooktube, you’ll be able to earn more cash to spend on new gear to boost the quality of your videos, increasing the chances that you’ll go viral! Just make sure that you don’t die in the process; we’ve got some tips to help you out with this!

Take Care Of Your Camera

Filming a teammate holding a flashlight in Content Warning.

Your camera is the most important tool you’ll ever have as a content creator. As such, you’ll need to make sure it gets back to your home base in one piece. You only have one camera per excursion, and you’ll need to keep it safe.

If your camera operator falls to an entity, you’ll need to do whatever it takes to get the camera from his body.

Conserve Your Film

Filming a darkened room in Content Warning.

The film inside your camera is the money-maker for your content. You only have a minute and thirty seconds of footage for every video, so don’t waste your film! If the camera operator dies while the camera is recording, it will keep on filming even while on the ground.

Make sure you’re filming a variety of relevant footage for your content, because this will generate more views. Filming different structures and entities will help get more traction, and viewers will give different comments on these.

Conserve Your Battery

A teammate holding a flashlight in Content Warning.

Some of your items will need batteries in order to function. One of these items is the flashlight, which is vital for your expeditions, because of how dark the Old World is.

Keep an eye on your battery levels in the upper-right corner of your screen. Don’t put yourself in situations where your battery dies while you’re a far distance from the Dive Bell.

You can
charge your batteries at home
. Just stand by the charging station next to the video extraction workbench in order to get your batteries juiced up again.

Buy The Hugger As Soon As Possible

A Hugger item on the floor in Content Warning.

There are tons of items you can order from the shop at home, but the Hugger worth $100 is what you’ll want to prioritize. This is a healing item that can spell the difference between life or death for your crew.

The Hugger is a powerful tool to have as early as possible, because it can infinitely heal the person you’re hugging to maximum health without it getting drained. To use it, you’ll need to equip it, then left-click. A teammate can get healed when they get close to you.

Keep An Eye On Your Oxygen Levels

Player approaching the Dive Bell in Content Warning.

While you’re exploring, you’re also using up oxygen stored in your tank hanging on your back. You only have a limited supply, so you’ll need to watch your oxygen bar in the lower-left corner of your screen.

Make sure you have oxygen to get back to the Dive Bell. Getting your oxygen completely drained will kill you instantly, and if you’re too far out, it may be impossible to retrieve any items you had on your body.

Save Your Stamina

Filming a crewmate walking down steps in Content Warning.

You can only run as much as your stamina will allow. You have a stamina bar at the bottom of your screen, and this drains as you sprint. It’ll be tough if you find yourself with an empty stamina bar after coming across an entity.

Try to keep your stamina bar full if you’re not in a rush. Having the option to run away may save your life, as some entities pop up out of nowhere and will chase you if they spot you.

If you run out of stamina, you’ll slowly regain it if you just walk or stand still. You can start running again if you have a small amount of stamina, but this will run out quickly.

Get The Defibrillator When You Can Afford It

The crew ordering gadgets from the shop in Content Warning.

The Defibrillator is another medical item you can order from the shop at home, and this can revive a fallen teammate. You’ll have three charges of the Defibrillator per excursion, so try to use it sparingly.

This costs $300 in the store, and this takes up an item slot. Try to give this item to a teammate who won’t be tasked with baiting or kiting entities. Also, you’ll want to prioritize getting this item back to the base in case it gets dropped, because it’s pricey.

To use the Defibrillator, you just need to left-click while next to your fallen ally. This will revive them, but their health will not be completely restored. You’ll need to follow this up with the Hugger, so that they can be back to full health.

Get On Top Of Structures For Safety

The player standing on a structure in Content Warning.

Some structures in the Old World can be climbed on, and this can save your life. If you’re trying to get away or hide from an entity, try climbing onto a tall structure to avoid them.

Some entities can still jump at you
, so make sure you still have a plan of escape from the top of the structure.

To climb a structure, you need to keep jumping while running towards it. You may not immediately be able to get up, but spamming the jump button will help you get up eventually.

Climbing a structure will give you a good view of the dangers below, and you can even jump across to different structures, and this may help you get to an exit if you are looking for an escape route.

Try Getting As Many Views As Early As Possible

Watching a video on Spook Tube in Content Warning.

You only have three days to meet your view count quota. That being said, it’ll spell trouble if you only have a few views by the third day.

You should take risks and attempt to film as many entities as possible on the first and second days, so that you don’t get stressed out over meeting your quota on the third day.

As you meet view count targets, your total quota for your next three days of filming
will go up

Purchase and use different items that you can order from the shop, because these can help you get a boost in your videos’ view count. Try out thedifferent emotes and gear to improve the quality of your videos.

Escape If Things Get Too Dangerous

A snail standing over a dead body in Content Warning.

While getting the best footage is the most important task in Content Warning, making sure the camera gets back to your house safely is the next most important task.

leaving a teammate behind to get the camera back home safely
is the only way to save your Spooktube channel. You’ll need to
pay a hospital fee
, but this will not affect the performance of your view count.

If you end up losing the chance to upload a video because the entire team died, or because the camera got left behind, you’ll lose the chance to gain any views for a day, and you may end up failing to meet the three-day quota.


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