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Beginner’s Guide To Storms In Roblox: A Dusty Trip

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  • Check Every Structure For Supplies
  • Learn How To Avoid The Storms

The Roblox spin-off of the popular 2019 game, The Long Drive, A Dusty Trip is an apocalyptic road trip that is all about the journey. Your goal is to travel as far as you can in a barren wasteland, trying to scavenge items like food, weapons, and gas for your vehicle; all whilst dealing with angry mutants and natural disasters.




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Whether you do it with friends or alone, A Dusty Trip can be hard to master, but the journey is worth it. If you are just starting out on the desert roads, we’ve got some beginner tips to make it a little easier.

Updated May 17, 2024 by Austin Knepper: We’ve updated this article to include some of the game’s new features. A Dusty Trip is still a work in progress, so more updates are sure to come.

Know The Hidden Controls

Using a gas canister to fill the car's gas tank with the LMB in The Dusty Trip in Roblox.

A Dusty Trip isn’t exactly an open book when it comes to its controls, but knowing what you can do and how will make the game much easier. Besides the basics, here are the lesser-known controls the game doesn’t tell you about.


What It Does


Toggles on/off a significantly zoomed-in view.


Turns on/off the vehicle’s engine.

Scrolling with mouse

When holding an object, allows you to move it further away or closer to your body.

Holding LMB and moving mouse

Sends out your hand to grab a door of some sort. Moving the mouse up or down will allow you to push or pull.

Holding RMB and moving mouse

Allows you to rotate whatever item is in your hand. Very important for aiming weapons.

Check Every Structure For Supplies

A gas station with a gas-filled pump in The Dusty Trip in Roblox.

There are several different building types in The Dusty Trip, from garages to stores and even gas stations. These can contain necessities, such as food, fuel, and weapons, and are easy to spot while on the road.

Gas stations will even have several slightly filled gas pumps that you can use. Food is especially important, as once your hunger hits zero, you will start to rapidly lose health.

Finally, there are several shops along the way where you can purchase supplies for bottle caps, a currency which can also be found in structures.

On the unfortunate chance that the building has nothing useful, you can just hop right back into your car and keep going.

If you have Robux to spare, using the walky-talky in your car will give you the option to have your chosen supplies dropped off for you.

Most structures will
contain at least one mutant
, so come prepared.

Learn How To Avoid The Storms

Looking at the eclipse during the eclipse event in The Dusty Drive on Roblox.

There are numerous natural events in The Dusty Trip that can be extremely detrimental to your journey. These include sandstorms, eclipses, thunderstorms, heat waves, tornadoes, and drive-by-shootings, which can all spawn at any time.


What It Does

How To Avoid


It will fog up your screen, you will hear loud, rushing winds, and before long it will start to rapidly damage you.

Stay in your car with the doors closed or inside a structure so that the winds cannot reach you.


The sky will quickly turn dark as the moon begins to block the sun, only lasting for a few minutes.

Do not look at the eclipse or you will take damage.


Your screen will go red, and you will start to see water drops coming off of your character.

There is no way to avoid a heatwave.

You will lose hunger two times as fast, so be sure you have an ample supply of food.


Rapidly forming storm clouds will lead quickly to rain, and lightning will begin to strike every ten seconds.

Lightning striking your car will almost certainly dismantle it, and if your engine is running, it will drain all of your gas.

Move a good distance from your vehicle and either wait inside a building or keep running so that the lightning cannot hit you.


They will spawn near you, very rarely spawning on top of you, and your screen will start to shake slightly.

Most of the time, it will keep its distance and is pretty easy to avoid as long as you keep your eye on it.


Quick but deadly. You will start to hear a loud engine coming your way, followed by a rusted van driven by armed enemies barreling down the road at extremely high speeds.

When you hear it, we recommend driving sharply left or right off the road and staying clear till it has passed.

Meteor Shower

Loud booming sounds will signal the start of a meteor shower. Deadly flaming rocks will begin to rain down around you for about 30 seconds.

The meteors’ range is usually limited to a small area in front of you, so stay aware and move away if you are in the firing zone.

Keep A Weapon On Hand

A fire axe laying on top of a wooden spear on the ground in The Dusty Trip on Roblox.

Mutants, and later bandits, are the game’s main enemies. Mutantsoften guard buildings and can kill you quickly if several of them gang up on you.

To traverse and scavenge safely, you will need a weapon. Luckily, there are many to choose from, though some are better than others.

Items such as
bowling balls, kettlebells, fly swatters, fire axes,
wooden spears,
and several different types of
can be found in buildings.

Any gun, especially the shotgun, will bethe best method for killing mutants. If you run out of precious ammo, ammo cases can be found in various structures.

Your car can also be used as a weapon to ram mutants.

If you are forced to run, mutants will run faster than you unless you are sprinting, but they will temporarily stop each time you jump.

Golden AK can be bought for 99 Robux
in the starting house. However, buying this is
and will only apply to your current run;
if you restart, you will have to buy it again

Take Care Of Your Car

The starter car when you first begin, barely assembled in The Dusty Trip in Roblox.

Your vehicle, whether it be the starter car or one bought with a game pass, is undoubtedly your most important asset in The Dusty Trip.

When starting, you can choose from a small Sedan, found in front of the garage, or a van, found behind it. There will also be a trailer that you can hitch to the back. This allows for much more storage but at the cost of using more gas.

The van uses diesel and is slower, so unless you have a surplus of players, the small starter car is the best to use. Additionally, diesel is much rarer to spawn than normal gas.

You can also
buy other vehicle options with Robux
, including the Exotica, Quadbike, and Flametruck, which all have their own benefits and are most often better than the free choices.

The Exotica and Flametruck especially will exponentially change the game.

You will have to keep track of your radiator, engine, and fuel levels, so be sure to have backups with you in case you get stranded. These take water, oil, and gas or diesel respectively.

Next, be weary of your driving and always be alert; a single rock or spare item on the road might completely flip or dismantle your car if you aren’t careful. Once that happens, it’s pretty much game over.

The most important one:
remember to use your emergency brake
. Otherwise, you might find yourself chasing after a car that is rapidly rolling away.


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