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Best AAA Mobile Games


  • Dragon Ball Legends:
    A polished and intuitive mobile game that brings the iconic
    Dragon Ball
    series to life with stunning visuals and strategic card-action combat. Free to play and offers regular content updates. (Rating: 4.4/5, 50M+ Downloads)

  • Diablo Immortal:
    Blizzard delivers a dark-fantasy RPG experience with
    Diablo Immortal,
    offering a wealth of content and continuous support. Enjoy loot-hunting and character-upgrading on the go with touchscreen-optimized controls. (Rating: 4.6/5, 10M+ Downloads)

  • Call of Duty Mobile:
    Activision brings the popular first-person shooter franchise to mobile devices, capturing the essence of the console versions with customizable weapons, game modes, and iconic maps. Won the Game of the Year award for Best Mobile Game in 2019. (Rating: 4.3/5, 100M+ Downloads)



Mobile games, as of late, have been receiving quite a lot of traction thanks to Apple’s efforts to bring ports of triple-A console titles, like Resident Evil series, to iPhones. Pushing technological boundaries on limited mobile hardware is no easy feat, so the list below takes a look at some of the most polished big-budget and high-production releases for Android and iOS devices.


23 Mobile Games With The Best Graphics

The world of gaming on mobiles has found a new dimension. Here’s a list of top games that look incredibly good on Android or iOS.

For the purpose of taking a holistic approach towards the ranking, the list makes use of metrics like Google Play Store rating and total download numbers, as well as the game’s overall critical reception and cultural impact. Naturally, even though there are some huge AAA mobile ports, like Resident Evil 4 Remake, these did not make it into the following list because of the consensus of the users citing the many technical issues in the ports.

5 Dragon Ball Legends

Rating: 4.4/5

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends

May 17, 2018

BNE Entertainment , Dimps

Dragon Ball is a huge name in the anime and game world, so it would only be fitting that Bandai Namco brought their A-game to mobile platforms with Dragon Ball Legends. From the iconic landscapes of the original series and the flair of the 2D anime art style, players will feel right at home as they embark on their journey with a new protagonist, the Saiyan called Shallot.

The strategic card-action combat will allow players to assemble just the right team of beloved characters from the series with some of the smoothest and most intuitive control schemes in the mobile games market. Players can take part in intense online PvP battles, or go solo against AI in the main campaign, seasonal events, and other modes as the developers continue to push new content updates regularly. The best bit about all of this is that Dragon Ball Legends can be downloaded as a free-to-play experience.

4 Diablo Immortal

Rating: 4.6/5

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

June 2, 2022

Action RPG

Blizzard brings the authentic dark-fantasy RPG experience of the Diablo series to Android and iOS devices with Diablo Immortal. A free-to-play game grandiose in scale and amount of content, Diablo Immortal almost sounds too good to be true. Despite having a good deal of microtransactions, Blizzard’s continuous community support to add new gear, quests, and competitive events to the game year-upon-year makes this game a solid outing that will give fans of the hack-and-slash RPG genre a bang for their buck.


Diablo Immortal: Best PvP Classes

Players looking to dominate Diablo Immortal’s PvP battlefields should try these classes.

All the loot-hunting, dungeon-raiding, and character-upgrading that fans have come to expect from the series is ever so prevalent in Diablo Immortal, now with a smooth user experience and touchscreen-optimized controls. The journey to max out a character may be long, but at least players can experience it on the go, and on a portable platform.

3 Call Of Duty Mobile

Rating: 4.3/5


Another established franchise that makes its mark on mobile devices, Call of Duty Mobile is a high-visual-fidelity counterpart to its console versions. Activision went to great lengths in order to ensure a robust multiplayer experience is captured for the players while keeping all the series’ DNA intact, including the plethora of customizable weapons, game modes, and iconic maps.

Whether it’s the squad-based gameplay in Team Deathmatch mode or the free-for-all mayhem of the Battle Royale mode, every encounter feels engaging, thanks to responsive controls and stable performance. For its technical prowess on handheld devices, the game also won 2019’s Game of the Year award for Best Mobile Game.

2 EA Sports FC Mobile

Rating: 4.4/5

EA Sports FC Mobile

EA Sports FC Mobile

October 10, 2016

Electronic Arts

EA has been consistent in their console releases for the mainline EA Sports FC (formerly “FIFA”) series. Although it is hard to replicate the intricacies of its magical gameplay on mobile devices, the lite version is still a very engaging experience that incorporates original elements of the FIFA Ultimate Team and other PvP modes. Furthermore, the new Locker Room mode allows players to collect clothing articles and customize their favorite football icons to their heart’s content.

Moreover, to provide a more immersive and authentic experience, the gameplay in EA Sports FC Mobile has a slower pace to accommodate a more skill-based approach. Due to the limitations of the control scheme on phones, users are given enough time and freedom to react to the on-pitch movement of the players and make decisions accordingly for a satisfying experience. After all, nothing beats a quick game of football while commuting to work or school.

1 Genshin Impact

Rating: 4.2/5


Genshin Impact

September 28, 2020

Ever since its inception in 2020, Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm. This free-to-play open-world RPG has garnered a massive international player base who continue to be invested in the game today. The game has had both a strong online influence due to social media engagement, fanart, and memes, as well as a strong fan-driven cultural impact thanks to cosplay, competitions, and exhibitions around the world.


Genshin Impact Reveals New Character Skins and Confirms Version 4.4 Banners

Three Liyue characters are getting new skins in Version 4.4, as the latest Genshin Impact update is set to have an ambitious amount of new content.

The vast and rich landscapes provide an excellent opportunity for players to discover and explore, unlike any other game on mobile devices. The game makes use of a gacha system for character and item acquisition but mixes it well with RPG elements, puzzles, team building, and world events. Moreover, Genshin Impact also makes a quality of life change by saving progression across platforms, so players are afforded the flexibility to switch from mobile devices to consoles or PCs and vice versa. Lastly, Genshin Impact has also been awarded the Game Award for Best Mobile Game in 2021, and it consistently got nominated in the years after as well, showcasing the strong community and developer support for the game.


The Elder Scrolls: Castles Officially Announced

Bethesda officially announces The Elder Scrolls: Castles nearly four months after soft-launching the colorful Fallout Shelter clone.

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