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Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars

Playing Brawl Ball in Brawl Stars is quite different than the base game. Because of that, you may need characters that work best in the mode. Here are the five best brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars: Best brawlers to use in Brawl Ball Mode

Rather than just smashing your opponent out of the way, you’ll be tasked with using a ball to score. You can attack other players to make it easier to score, but that won’t matter as much in the end. In a 3 v 3 or a 5 v 5 setup, your team has to score at least two points to win. However, if you both are tied, you’ll play one minute of overtime.

To lower the chances of you entering overtime, these brawlers just might put you ahead.

Image: Supercell

Brawlers to use

This guide is not ranked, these characters seem to work well in Brawl Mode. Trying each of them can make you a versatile player to yourself and an asset to your team. 


If you want to get past the opponent quickly or send up the ball close to the opponent’s net, consider either playing with Crow or having him on your team. Akin to Arya Stark for MultiVersus, meaning Crow is quick and agile, allowing him to dodge enemies better. However, he won’t hit as hard, but that’s not his job. Crow’s meta should be to get the ball and to keep moving. He can also be a great passer with his speed. As mentioned, Crow can avoid attacks with ease, making him a good handler.


This guy can be a real game-changer if you use him right. He seems to be a little more versatile and dynamic on the field. Sandy can be a great attacker, and a better defender as well. With his above-average health and speed, holding on to the ball and keeping opponents away will be easier. If you time his Sweet Dreams Gadget at the right time (just before scoring), you stun enemies for a short period. During this, your opponent is down one player, which makes a massive amount of difference, regardless if it’s for one second. 

Brawl Star Chararcter Stadning Infront Of Door1
Image: Supercell


I think Max can be the main goal-scorer for a few reasons. Like Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, Max is easy to handle and makes an impact. If Sandy and her work together, Max can score consistently because she’s being defended, and also fast. To make things even better, her super skill can make a nearby teammate faster. So, when you have two attackers going full speed with one defending the ball holder, getting hit will be nearly impossible. Plus, most characters have three shots, she has four. That extra shot can add more pressure on top of her already overpowered kit.

El Primo

To make it to the goalpost with ease, I recommend El Primo. He’s a tank with a crazy high health. El Primo is pretty cool because, on defense, he can push attackers away with his superattack that damages enemies after he jumps down. On the offense, he can quickly advance on the field while taking damage. When he does, it might not matter as much because of his high defense. Having him on your team could make him the spearhead of your attack.


Controlling how your enemy plays can help you win more matches. Otis can help with that quite a bit. While his attack has a wide-spread range which is hard to avoid, his super stops enemies right in their tracks. This move may be able to stop more than one player, making scoring even easier. He can also create paint-like puddles throughout the map that damage over time. This is important since controlling the match early is always the play. When enemies are being hit by this move, they will have to play closer to the chest. This results in your team playing a little more aggressively.

Brawl Stars A Giant Beast In Front Of Two Characters1
Image: Supercell

After you’re done being the best player ever in Brawl Stars, jump into MultiVersus with optimized settings.

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