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Best Catalysts In Lords Of The Fallen


  • Lords of the Fallen is a standout soulslike game blending familiar genre elements with innovative ideas.
  • The list provides insights on choosing catalysts for Umbral, Radiant, and Inferno magic based on factors like type, availability, and effectiveness.
  • Highlighted catalysts include Charm of Fortune’s Sight (Umbral), Wilmarc’s Catalyst (Radiant), and Searing Accusation (Inferno) for their early availability, versatility, and power, catering to different magic preferences.



Lords Of The Fallen stands out as a noteworthy soulslike game, adhering to familiar patterns of the genre while introducing compelling new ideas that seamlessly blend with the game’s setting. Like any other soulslike game, Lords of the Fallen incorporates various types of magic, with each of them demanding a specific catalyst for casting.

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If you’re seeking guidance on choosing a catalyst for your preferred type of magic, this list will highlight some of the best catalysts for all three magic types featured in the game.

These catalysts are ranked considering several factors, including the type of magic you plan to use, how early you can obtain them, and their overall effectiveness compared to other choices available in the game.

6 Charm Of Fortune’s Sight

  • Catalyst Type
    : Umbral Catalyst

  • Stats Requirement
    : 12 Radiance – 12 Inferno

  • Location
    : Obtained from Mohlu at Skyrest

One of the first catalysts you can pick up is the Charm of Fortune’s Sight, designed specifically for Umbral magic in this game. It’s reasonably priced and comes with four slots to equip different spells. When it comes to spellpower, it stands out compared to the other options available early in the game.

What’s more, you’ll have access to a variety of Umbral spells from Molhu himself, allowing you to start using Umbral magic right from the beginning of the game. It’s a solid choice to enhance your magical prowess early on.

5 Wilmarc’s Catalyst

Wilmarc's Catalyst Lords of the Fallen

Another early catalyst choice for you is Wilmarc’s Catalyst. It’s crafted for those who enjoy using Radiant spells that provide a versatile mix of healing, buffs, and flashy offensive magic. Lords of the Fallen doesn’t pull punches, so having a tool that lets you both support and attack is key. What sets Wilmarc’s Catalyst apart is its four spell slots. You can load it up with a combination of support and offensive spells, adapting to the challenges the game throws your way.

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The real kicker? As you upgrade it, you can scale up to an impressive A in Radiance. That kind of boost isn’t common among early catalyst options, delivering not just more spellpower but also a significant increase in damage. So, if Radiant spells are your go-to, Wilmarc’s Catalyst will be your reliable companion from the early stages right through to the endgame. It’s like having a steadfast ally that never lets you down.

4 Searing Accusation

Searing Accusation catalyst Lords of the Fallen

Similar to the two early options we discussed earlier for different magic types, the Searing Accusation functions in the same way but for Inferno spells. With four slots, you can load it up with four different spells, and its scaling can reach up to A in Inferno, resulting in more damage dealt to your enemies.

If you fancy being a pyromancer in other Souls games, then Inferno spells are your go-to. However, you won’t come across as many Inferno spells until you reach the mid-game. Nevertheless, this catalyst is likely your best bet for maximizing your pyromantic power.

3 Lost Berescu’s Catalyst

Lost Berescu's Catalyst Lords of the Fallen

  • Catalyst Type
    : Umbral Catalyst

  • Stats Requirement
    : 20 Radiance – 20 Inferno

  • Location
    : Obtained from
    Revelation Depths

The Lost Berescu’s Catalyst stands out as the top-tier Umbral spell you can lay your hands on, and it becomes available around the mid-game mark. This means you’ll still have about half of the game to unleash its potent magic with your Umbral spells. Boasting an impressive five spell slots, you can mix and match various Umbral spells, whether offensive or supportive, and switch between them as you please.

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When fully upgraded, it achieves an impressive scaling of A in both Radiance and Inferno. This translates to a double boost in both stats, allowing you to dish out some serious damage to your foes when you reach around 40 or more in both these attributes. It’s like unlocking a powerhouse to wreak havoc on your enemies.

2 Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst

Queen Sophesia's Catalyst Lords of the Fallen

Inferno spellcasters, your search for the ultimate damage-maximizing tool for your Inferno spells ends here with Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst. Sporting five spell slots, this catalyst allows you to load up on more Inferno spells than usual, letting you unleash fiery havoc on your enemies and leave them scorched.

When fully upgraded, this catalyst boasts an impressive S in Inferno. The damage output is robust, ensuring that it can melt through any enemy or boss standing in your way when it comes to Inferno spells. The only drawback is that you acquire this catalyst toward the end of the game, so you won’t have much time to savor its power during your current playthrough. However, it sets you up for smoother and more potent subsequent playthroughs, turning the tables in your favor thanks to this formidable catalyst.

1 Exacter Scripture

Exacter Scripture catalyst Lords of the Fallen

  • Catalyst Type
    : Radiant Catalyst

  • Stats Requirement
    : 25 Radiance

  • Location
    : Obtained after you complete
    Exacter Dunmire quest

For Radiant spell enthusiasts, the Exacter Scripture emerges as the top choice, sharing similar merits with Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst. Boasting five spell slots, it provides the flexibility to equip spells for healing and buffing your character, alongside those dazzling damaging spells. And let’s talk scaling, an impressive S in Radiance when fully upgraded, amplifying the potential and effectiveness of all your spells.

Obtainable midway through the game, especially if you embark on Exacter Dunire’s quest early, this catalyst proves its worth not only in your initial playthrough but also in New Game Plus and subsequent runs, particularly when tackling more challenging aspects of the game. It’s like having a reliable companion that continues to shine as you face tougher challenges.

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