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Best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities

The Final Shape is all about finally reaching that moment that makes you truly feel like a Guardian of the Sol system. And thanks to weapons like Microcosm and the brand-new sub-class Prismatic, that dream is now a reality. So strap on your cloaks and let’s take a look at the best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic builds.

Destiny 2 — Best Hunter Prismatic builds: Aspects, Fragments, and abilities

Unlike other sub-classes you unlock in Destiny 2, Prismatic has a bit more of a straightforward way of grabbing the remaining Fragments and abilities you don’t get in TFS campaign. Before you go crafting these builds, make sure you have everything you need from Prismatic.

These are builds that have been tested and implemented by players all around the world since the start of The Final Shape. But our main source of finding these set-ups put together, were the dedicated people over at The Build Hub. With all of that out of the way, let’s flip our knives and take a look at the first build.

#1 — Nighthawk + Golden Gun x 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic Builds Nighthawk Setup

Our first build is arguably going to be the best Prismatic Hunter build in the entire game in terms of DPS. That’s because with the combination of the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet, Golden Gun Super, and Still Hunt Exotic Sniper, you’ll be pumping out damage like a firehose.

Now, that’s not all with this supposed best build. Because when you’re not doing damage to a boss and dealing with the hordes of enemies, that’s where your arc melee comes in handy. Combined with the Fragments and Aspects of this build, I was able to survive during contest mode of Slavations Edge.

#2 — Infinite Clones

Next up on the best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic builds, is the Infinite Strand Clone build. While not dealing as much DPS as the Celestial Nighthawk build, the Infinite Clones provide you with some of the best ad-clearing options. The main draw to this build is the ability to proc Combination Blow, allowing you to deal even more damage every subsequent melee attack.

The Liar’s Handshake Exotic will help along this path of melee supremacy, just make sure you don’t accidentally delete your 88 overall helmet for this build while trying out others on this list like I did (I’m not upset). Because of this, for a more in-depth look at this build, check out the original post by The Build Hub.

#3 — Volatile Void

  • Best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic Builds Void
  • Best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic Builds Void Setup

Finally, the last build on our list is the Volatile Void add clear build, promising to deal massive aoe damage while providing you with wonderous buffs and benefits.

Our Exotic armor of choice, the Cyrtarachne’s Facade, is great at giving you that extra shield right before jumping into battle, thanks to providing Woven Mail when grappling.

And of course, no Void build is complete without the newly buffed Exotic weapon, Graviton Lance causing more Void explosions. And thanks to your Aspect Gunpowder Gamble, you’ll be gaining an even stronger grenade to throw and explode midair.

All the pictures provided here should give you all the Aspects, Fragments, and abilities you should use for the best Destiny 2 Hunter Prismatic builds. If you’re looking for the other class’s best builds, take a look at our Warlock and Titan Prismatic Builds.

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