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Best Glock-18 Skins In Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Glock-18 is the staple gun for the Terrorists in CS:GO. It is the default weapon for the T side because it’s a free and solid choice both for early-game pistol rounds and as a trusty sidearm. It is excellent for spamming and does pretty well in close-range fights.



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We all know by now that the weapon is only half the experience in the game since there are a plethora of skins. It is hard to figure out which pistol has the best skins overall in CS:GO, but the Glock definitely has some fantastic-looking cosmetics both cheap and expensive.

10 Vogue

Is the Glock-18 Vogue inspired by the hit Madonna song? You might think it is mainly because of the pop-inspired art on the skin. Designed by “KASI”, this skin was added to the game in 2020 as part of the Fracture Case.

The skin itself has an array of eye-catching colors such as pink and purple, with a pair of eyes on the side of the barrel. This is a Classified skin in the game and definitely one of the best cheaper ones, costing around $10 for a Factory New version.

9 Franklin

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Franklin skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Everybody likes money, and sometimes you might drop a pretty penny in this game, so why not get a skin that reflects that? The Franklin might just be the best skin to flex how cool and expensive your inventory might be.

Added to the game in 2020 as part of the Operation Broken Fang update, this skin is covered with American hundred-dollar bills. Why is it called the Franklin? Well, that is because Benjamin Franklin is the face of that bill.

8 Snack Attack

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Snack Attack skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Snack Attack is definitely not the snack that smiles back but instead the snack that fights back. There are many weapons that have adorable skins such as animals on them, but the Snack Attack showcases adorable-looking foods.

Created by “2Minds”, this skin was added to the game in 2021 as part of the Operation Riptide Case. Upon taking a closer look you can see some very cute foods such as hot dogs, burgers, fries, and drinks that have been encased in resin.

7 Wasteland Rebel

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

There are quite a few Covert skins in the game that are kept pretty simple, like the Wasteland Rebel. Created by “SA_22” this skin was added to CS:GO in 2016 as part of the Gamma Case.

This gun shows a simple brown and black combination and has white graffiti writing saying “Kill Them All”. This is perhaps one of the most affordable Covert skins for the Glock, going for around $7 in its Factory New version, making it a great pickup for your inventory.

6 Bullet Queen

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Bullet Queen skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Bullet Queen is a great-looking weapon skin. Its mainly black and yellow skin pairs well with the white accents, and the War Maiden wearing a red jacket and shushing you on the grip is a really eye-catching piece of artwork.

This is another entry that was designed by “2Minds”, and you can find it in the Prisma 2 Case that was released in 2020. This skin is very affordable, and you can find it decently cheap in a lower-wear version, although you might want to get a better one if you really want it to stand out.

5 Neo-Noir

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Neo-Noir skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Neo-Noir family has done a fantastic job of adding a very detective-esque feeling to the weapons in CS:GO. Designed by “donschi” this skin was added to the game in 2020 in the Operation Broken Fang Case and update.

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The stunning colors of purple, pink, white, and black give it that dark feel that Neo-Noir films are known for. Of course, the woman that is depicted on the skin also adds to the beauty of the piece.

4 Gamma Doppler

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Gamma Doppler skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Gamma skins are a fan favorite and can be pretty expensive depending on the finish pattern. Some are more highly sought after than others and cost upwards of hundreds of dollars just to get one, and the Glock Gamma Doppler can definitely be a pricey skin as well.

Added to the game in 2021 as part of the Operation Riptide update, this skin cannot be obtained by opening a weapon case. It is part of the 2021 Train Collection, so trading or buying them off the Steam market is the only way to get one.

3 Water Elemental

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Water Elemental skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Water Elemental is probably one of the oldest skins for the Glock in the game. Released in 2014 as part of the Operation Breakout update and Weapons Case, this is an incredibly popular and well-known skin.

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Designed by “FLaMmenWerFeR” this red-pink skin has a creature made out of water showing up on the side. For a Classified skin, it is a very affordable one, even after being in the game for close to a decade, and you can find a Factory New version on the Steam market for around $15.

2 Twilight Galaxy

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Upon first look, the Twilight Galaxy seems like your normal Classified skin in CS:GO, but that is definitely not the case. This Glock skin is not in any weapons cases and is part of the Chop Shop Collection. What makes this a highly sought-after skin is the fact you can only get it in three wears: FN, MW, and FT.

The Twilight Galaxy was added to CS:GO in 2015 as part of The Hunter and the Hunted update. The blue tint that covers the top of the weapon includes a galaxy finish that makes it look like there are stars on it. You can find a Field-Tested version for around $175 and upwards of $300 for a Factory New one.

1 Fade

Player inspecting a Glock-18 Fade skin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Fade is hands down the holy grail of Glock skins, as it is one of the most coveted and sought-after skins in all of CS:GO. Owning one is a status symbol in the game and shows just how serious you are about collecting weapon skins.

Introduced in 2013 as part of the Arms Deal update, the Fade showcases airbrushed transparent paints that fade together on a chrome base and can only be found in FN or MW. There are a few different patterns like the “Full Fade” or “Absolute Max” that are extremely valuable and are well over $2k.

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