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Best Greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Why would you pick a normal sword if you can have a Greatsword, am I right? Here are the best Greatswords you can find in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Greatswords

Greatswords – despite my initial statement, aka an attempt at comedy – are a separate weapon type from Swords. They are exclusive to the Warrior Vocation and will have your character swing a giant sword with both hands. This means that, by sporting such a large sword, they will excel at damage output and even crowd control – after all, the length of your blade will end up hitting multiple enemies.

Screenshot: Capcom

There is a decently sized collection of Greatswords out there in the world for you to pick up. However, if you are looking for the creme de la creme of oversized swords, then here are five of the best ones you can find in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Greatsword Strength Slash Knockdown Price Location
Ogresbane 230 100 349 Inside a treasure chest in Eremitic Sanctuary
Gryphic Victory 272 100 279 36600 G Purchased at Awaran’s Arms, Bakbattahl
Wounded Heart 308 100 317 48000 G Available at Volcanic Island Armory, Volcanic Island
Dragon’s Flight 368 100 479 55000 G After finishing the game, purchase it at Roderick’s Smithy, Vernworth
Dragon’s Bite 380 100 474 110 WC Travel to Bay Wayside and exchange Wyrmslife Crystals with The Dragonforged

Out of the five above, I would strongly recommend sporting the Gryphic Victory once you get to Battahl. Volcanic Island – depending on how many quests you complete in Bakbattahl and Vernworth – will probably enter later on in your playthrough – besides, the way there is dangerous for under-leveled players.

If you are still starting up your playthrough, then pay a visit to Checkpoint Rest Town and purchase a Flamberge. This Greatsword will serve you greatly and will be a good investment until the Gryphic Victory comes your way.

Dragons Dogma 2 Warrior Dragon
Screenshot: Capcom

Once you end your game and begin New Game+, getting the Dragon’s Flight is almost an obligation. To be honest, the differences between the Dragon’s Flight and the Dragon’s Bite are not that big, and farming Wyrmslife Crystals can be a hassle.

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