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Best Murder Mystery Tabletop Games In 2024

Everyone loves a good murder mystery; whether it be tracking down the killer, or getting away with the sordid deed yourself. Whatever your poison, there’s nothing quite like gathering around with friends and family to play one, be it be on-screen or around the table.



Whatever your preference, there are some fantastic tabletop games out there for people wanting to solve the latest mystery. So, whether you’re looking for a quick party game of rooting out the traitorous werewolf from your group, or working cooperatively to go toe-to-toe with Sherlock in the latest Victorian London whodunit, here are some games to get you all around the table pointing fingers.

Updated on April 4, 2024, by Vaspaan Dastoor: Murder mystery is a timeless genre. Every few years, we get a movie, video game, or TV show that sticks to the classic formula but still knocks it out of the park in terms of execution. The same goes with tabletop games. Over the years, we’ve received so many great whodunnits that we just had to update this list to include more.


Weapon, location, culprit.

Means, motive, and opportunity. Movies and TV have taught us that these are the three things to look for when trying to solve a murder mystery. However, Clue swaps that for a weapon, location, and the culprit. An all-time classic, Clue was one of the games that popularised the genre among tabletop fans.


  • An all-time classic.
  • Features several editions.

  • Requires more guessing than solving.

Clue is one of those foundation games that you can play along with your kids to get them interested in board games. However, considering there’s murder involved, it isn’t advasable for kids that are too young. If you lik the genre, but don’t want to make the effort of solving the crime, Clue is your best bet.

Exit_ The Game – Dead Man on the Orient Express

Exit: The Game – Dead Man on the Orient Express

A killer train journey

The Exit series features all sorts of situations you need to get yourself out of before time runs out. Based on the popular novel, Murder on the Orient Express, Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express requires you to solve a murder before the train reaches its destination.


  • Part of the popular Exit series.
  • Intermediate level difficulty .

There’s just something about people getting murdered on a train. Perhaps it’s the fact that once the train reaches its destination, the killer will escape. Exit: Dead Man on The Orient Express uses this very notion to give you some urgency in solving the murder quickly.

Betrayal At House On The Hill board game box

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Don’t trust anyone, even yourself

$25 $56 Save $31

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a spooky horror mystery game taking place in a haunted mansion, one that you are sure to explore with dread. This is essentially a tile-based tabletop game where you must piece together the mystery of the haunted mansion while avoiding ghosts and ominous presences. However, the main feature is that one of the other players will betray you, and nobody knows who.


  • Unique board setup.
  • Each playthrough is different, on multiple levels.
  • Nobody knows who the traitor will be.

When the Haunt phase of the game begins, one character will betray all the rest, which could spell doom and gloom for one or more of the party members. Clocking in at just around one hour, Betrayal at House on the Hill is on the shorter spectrum but is filled with plenty of mysterious moments. Will you make it through the dark and spooky night, or will the betrayal get the better of you?

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

It’s hard to keep such a dark secret

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast-paced party game for 3-10 players that gives everyone a starring role in the latest village murder mystery, whether it be a concerned villager, a drunk, or a ravenous, murderous werewolf. It’s a great twist on the hidden role formula, as it adds more roles to the formula.


  • Great art style.
  • Nice twist on the hidden role formula.
  • Features expansions for more players and roles.

Each night, a player is killed by a werewolf, and the town needs to decide who amongst them is responsible for the crime, working together to find the culprit and save the village. It’s a game anyone can play, being easily wrapped up in five to ten minutes, and remains one of the tabletop communities’ most well-known and well-loved for a good reason. It also adds its own unique elements to the traditional hidden role formula.

Agatha Christie: Death On The Cards

Agatha Christie: Death On The Cards

A good murder mystery doesn’t need a train or a river

$17 $20 Save $3

For fans of Agatha Christie’s well-loved and well-read detective stories, look no further than Death On The Cards; a cooperative card game where you must work together to unmask the murderer that sits among you. It mostly follows the traditional hidden role formula, but you can roleplay as some of Agatha Christie’s most popular characters.


  • Based on characters from Agatha Christie’s novels.
  • Players can roleplay as their characters for some added fun.
  • A great introduction to hidden role games.

Agatha Christie: Death On The Cards is a social deduction game of strategy and deception, needing you to work together to uncover the traitors and make sure to keep your friends close, but enemies even closer. It features some classic Christie characters and conundrums, including Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and is a great way to introduce beginner level players to the hidden role genre.

Letters From Whitechapel

Letters From Whitechapel

Hit the road, Jack

A game for two to six players; Letters From Whitechapel sees you enter a weary 1880s London plagued by the frightful deeds of Jack the Ripper, who is successfully evading police and murdering innocent women. You can either cooperate or compete with other players to stop Jack before he finishes his murder spree.


  • Makes you feel like a real detective.
  • Each playthrough is different.
  • Anyone can win, even Jack.

One person plays Jack and must take five victims without being caught in the act, while the others must work together as police detectives to locate him before it’s too late. With 199 circles on the board to frequent, Jack must follow ‘The Wretched’ as they move across London and take action whilst avoiding the police, lest they land on the same circle and catch him before his task is complete.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Nobody likes a mole

$35 $40 Save $5

A speedy game of deduction and deceit, as the title describes, Deception: Murder In Hong Kong tasks 4-12 investigators with solving a murder case. The only problem is that one of the investigators is the murderer at large! The murderer will secretly try to sabotage the investigation in order to get away.


  • Simple take on the hidden role formula.
  • Large player count.

  • Artwork isn’t as great as that of other games in the genre.

Each investigator is given a key role depending on the number of players, be it Forensic Scientist, Investigator, Murderer, or Accomplice. It’s a battle between those looking to deduce the truth and those looking to deceive and mislead in an ultimate battle of wits. It’s seen as one of the best social deduction and bluffing games and is sure to have you and your friends racing back to the table to play again and again.



Buddy cop with a ghost.

$42 $55 Save $13

Mysterium is a fantastic cooperative horror deduction game for small groups. Set in 1920s Scotland, the game sees you take on the role of mediums gathered by Mr. MacDowell to perform a seance for the ghost residing in his new home, with the task of finding the ghost’s killer. The ghost will provide you with cryptic hints leading to the culprit.


  • Will test your interpretation and deduction skills.
  • Replaces cops and investigators for mediums.
  • Stunning artwork.

One of you takes the role of the ghost in Mysterium, communicating through ‘visions’ shown by illustrated cards given to the mediums, which they must then decipher to solve the mystery and ultimately lay the spirit to rest. This will be a real test of your deduction skills. You have seven hours (turns) to solve the ghost’s murder, with correct guesses leading the mediums on to guessing new parts in the case, such as the murder weapon used or the location where the crime occurred.

Chronicles Of Crime

Chronicles Of Crime

Let technology do the work

$31 $40 Save $9

A cooperative game of crime investigation played across a board, mobile app, and virtual reality headset. Chronicles of Crime sees you in the role of a detective as you analyze different crime scenes and stories to deduce what’s happened and catch the killer at large as quickly as possible. The app provides dynamic storylines, making the game highly replayable.


  • Great use of the companion app.
  • Dynamic storytelling makes each playthrough unique.

  • Can’t be played without the app.

By scanning QR codes, you can activate different clues and stories and use the VR glasses to immerse yourself in the crime scene and search for clues as if you were in the room yourself. It’s a fantastic game whether you’re playing with family or friends, with each scenario playing over an hour in length and plenty more to be downloaded off the online store without the need for additional purchases.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

For budding detectives

$47 $58 Save $11

Get ready to put your detective and deduction skills against Sherlock as you walk Victorian London streets and investigate opium dens, grizzly murder scenes, and phantom thefts. You’ll need to go on your hunches and investigate all over town in order to catch the killer. Make sure you check all your facts, lest you send an innocent man to jail.


  • Makes you feel like a real detective.
  • You can follow up on any leads that you can think of.

  • Each mystery can only be played once.

You must work together to visit London locations, cross-examine witnesses, look for clues in the daily Times newspapers, and use your map to distinguish what’s gone on in the case. The goal is to put together the facts to reach a solution. It’s a challenge to your group’s mental ability and investigative skills. Each case takes around two hours to complete as you aim to take as few moves as possible to rival even Sherlock’s best deductions. Unfortunately, once you solve a mystery, there’s no replaying that one, as you already know who the perpatrator is.


Are murder mystery board games worth it?

That really depends on if you like board games in general. You may prefer a book or a movie, but if you’re looking for an intriguing murder mystery themed board game, there are plenty that are worth it.

Are murder mystery board games fun at a party?

Murder mystery and hidden role games are great for parties as they’ll make all your guests communicate in order to draw conclusions. Even among people you know, hidden role games will test how much you can bluff someone you’ve known for a long time.


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