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Best ways to get Fortune Rocks in Knuckle Sandwich

In Bright City in Knuckle Sandwich, Fortune Rocks seem to be the currency of choice, not that it seems obvious why. If you want to go on a shopping-spree, then you’ll need to get some Fortune Rocks quickly.

How to get Fortune Rocks in Knuckle Sandwich

Fortune Rocks are certainly an odd choice of currency, but then again Bright City is rather odd. Fortune Rocks are obtained by winning enemy encounters. After every win, there is a chance you may obtain some Fortune Rocks, with you getting more as the challenge and number of opponents increases. Fighting bosses is also a great way to be showered in Fortune Rocks, although it’s not like you can grind them.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can play through the game without thinking too hard about the Fortune Rocks, as you’ll amass a decent earning through regular battles. That is, if you don’t run away from them which is tempting after your 20th Fiber Ghost or Ooze.

If you want to farm Fortune Rocks, however, then you’ll have to input some extra effort.

Best way to get Fortune Rocks in Knuckle Sandwich

From my own personal play testing, I found the best way to gets lots of Fortune Rocks wasn’t to grind or farm for them, but to simply never back away from a challenge. During each chapter in Knuckle Sandwich, you’ll have to work your way through a region or building to complete your objective – whatever that may be.

In those parts of the game, simply do not back down from a fight. Those enemies will be the hardest ones you have available for that time, and so will grant you with the best rewards.

Before you really start to grind for Fortune Rocks, you may to buy the Rock Charm in North City for 100 Fortune Rocks. The Rock Charm must be held for it to work, and you’ll find yourself getting richer quicker – for a price, of course. You can buy this charm from the strange shop next to Cram’s. You’ll need to pick up the Membership Card on the floor to get access to the stock. Don’t worry, it’ll work, you just need to be persistent.

Rock Charm In Knuckle Sandwich
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you want to save time and be a little more practical, however, then I’d actually not worry about Fortune Rocks for the first few regions of the game. Naturally, you will be fighting enemies, but don’t go out of your way for a tussle.

Instead, you’ll want to wait until you reach the chapter where you gain access to a rather tall building. This chapter is where you’ll want to really farm Fortune Rocks, and there are lots of enemies for you to fight. If you never run away, at the end of that chapter you’ll have amassed loads of Fortune Rocks, and can spend them on whatever you like.

From that chapter on, don’t worry about grinding, just never back down from a challenge and you’ll have all the Fortune Rocks you need. If you want even more, then the only thing you can do is travel back to your most recent region and keep fighting them over and over again.

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