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Best ways to level up in Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, you will face hordes of enemies as you travel across the kingdom, which means you’re going to want to power up a bit. Here is our guide detailing the best ways to level up in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG – best ways to level up

Super Mario RPG has been around long enough that if it were a person, it could legally celebrate its longevity with champagne. It’s great to be able to enjoy a classic RPG experience with a fresh coat of paint, and the developers have made tweaks to nudge the experience in line with recent genre hits. However, you may still want to level up your party members to overcome some enemies along the way who hit harder than you might expect. That means you should find good EXP farming locations, equip the Exp. Booster item, and acquire powerful gear that lets you survive encounters with heartier foes.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Make sure that you battle most enemies you encounter. Don’t go looking for trouble, necessarily. But you don’t want to run past a lot of fights. It’s better to spend a little time vanquishing enemies as they come at you. That way, you hit fewer walls that require you to grind. These days, I tend to fight rather than run, regardless of the RPG that I’m playing.

When you’re looking for a place to level up a bit, I suggest checking near the start of a new area. I do that because the enemies I meet have almost always powered up a bit compared to the ones in a previous region. I test my might against new enemy varieties at the start of an area and, if they thrash me, I travel back to the nearest town to recover as needed. Ideally, you don’t want to run into a roadblock right at the end of an area. It’s better to find your groove by dealing with the mobs you meet along the way.

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Super Mario Rpg Seaside Town Frog Coin Merchant
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you can, purchase and equip the Exp. Booster accessory. It does just what its name suggests, allowing whatever character equips it to get twice the EXP reward. The accessory is not available until Seaside Town, well into the campaign. The frog who will sell you the item occupies an upstairs room in the building near the area’s upper left. The Exp. Booster costs a hefty 22 Frog Coins. Given how useful the accessory is, I suggest you make the investment unless you’re not actively looking to increase your levels. But that’s probably not the case. After all, you are reading a book about the best ways to level up, right?

As for gear outside that one important accessory, remember that the equipment you find matters more than character levels, up to a point. You can probably clear the game with minimal difficulty once your characters hit level 20 or 22. The maximum level is 30. But you shouldn’t need to reach that level to face the final challenges. Instead, focus on purchasing the best gear. That will make it much easier to survive every fight. Suitable equipment also allows you to spend most of your time beating more powerful foes that yield greater EXP rewards, rather than wasting your time on scrubs.

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