Bethesda commissioned an official Starfield song from Imagine Dragons and if you guessed that it rhymes ‘high’ with ‘sky,’ you are correct

In the never-ending quest for more eyeballs on its stuff, Bethesda Softworks has enlisted the talents of award-winning pop-rock group Imagine Dragons to create a song for Starfield called Children of the Sky. It’s not the worst collaboration between a game publisher and mainstream musician I’ve ever heard, but that’s at least in part because I’m old enough to have a clear recollection of something called Hope For the Future.

Hope For the Future is a 2014 Paul McCartney song written for Destiny, and to be blunt, it is not good—and made worse by a promotional video featuring a holographic former Beatle belting it out to a small audience of random Guardians while the Traveler looms in the background. It has its defenders—PC Gamer UK editor-in-chief Phil Savage told us all to “step the hell off Hope For the Future” when the topic came up earlier today—but let’s be honest, this is a song that makes Wonderful Christmastime seem like inspired work by comparison.

I shit you not, this really happened.  (Image credit: Paul McCartney / Bungie)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Children of the Sky is a very Imagine Dragons song, to the extent that if I didn’t know it was written for Starfield I would simply think, hey, it’s a new Imagine Dragons song: Bombastic, inoffensive, and goofy in equal measure.

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