Bethesda fixes Skryim’s creepy moving mannequins, modder promptly unfixes them

As the Dragonborn in Skyrim you quickly collect more suits of armor than you can wear in a single lifetime, and at a certain point there’s no reason to sell them because you’ve got more coins than Scrooge McDuck. Thus: mannequins, wooden statues that reside in your various homes that you can dress up in your spare outfits and armor sets. There’s no point in killing all those brave warriors and stripping them naked if you can’t show off your accumulated loot, after all.

But Skyrim’s mannequins can be a bit buggy. In the past, players have reported armor placed on mannequins going missing, or sometimes being duplicated. Occasionally the wooden statues will hover a bit above the ground. Certain items aren’t displayed on them properly, and some helmets can cause a mannequin’s head to simply disappear when equipped. Stuff like that.

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