BioWare has no plans to end Star Wars: The Old Republic anytime soon

I was an optimistic 20-something when I rolled my first Bounty Hunter, with his bad scars and bad attitude, in Star Wars: The Old Republic. A decade later, I’m dour and approaching middle-age, but I’m still gleefully rolling alts and chewing through some of my favourite MMO stories. I’m ravenous for them. And, lucky me, it looks like BioWare doesn’t have any plans to call off the galactic wars and Sith intrigue. 

Chatting with creative director Charles Boyd about The Old Republic’s impending 10-year anniversary, I confess I was hoping he’d say that BioWare was almost done with the MMO—but only because I’m craving a sequel. I always want new, shinier things. But the team has “no plans to stop anytime soon,” he says. There are more stories and sci-fi crises to come. 

It does feel like things are building up to some kind of conclusion, though, especially with the recently resurrected Darth Malgus stepping back into the role of antagonist for the Legacy of the Sith expansion. This lad’s been a big presence for a long time, sometimes as an ally, sometimes as the game’s main antagonist, and once as a dead guy, and now he’s on his revenge tour after cutting off the strings that made him a puppet to the Sith Empress. 

(Image credit: EA)

“Malgus has been around since the start,” says Boyd. “He’s probably our most recognisable villain. You know, he was first introduced in those CG trailers before the game even launched. So with it now coming around to 10 years, coming around kind of full circle, maybe that could happen, maybe some kind of closure for Malgus. Whatever that might mean. That could be a reasonable guess.”

“It’s such a pastiche of different genres and different types of characters and stories that I think you have a lot of opportunities, despite it all needing to be Star Wars.”

Charles Boyd, BioWare Austin

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