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Black Desert Mobile adds a new class called Legastus alongside a new legendary horse, Doom

A new hero class has just been added to Pearl Abyss’ hit MMO Black Desert Mobile. Regarded as the Last Hero that rules with lightning, Legastus brings his power of commanding lightning and thunder to Black Desert Mobile. He uses his Kibelius spear to drive fire into the hearts of his enemies and strike them down with fierce blows. 

Legastus joins Black Desert Mobile’s roster with four attack skills. The Spear Bolt powers the main weapon with powerful lightning and thunder that rains down on enemies, greatly damaging them. Legastus can summon a massive spear that uses ancient lightning power to give his enemies the Divine Punishment, or he can use Imprison to open rifts that attack enemies with lightning spears.

His final move is Lightning Crash, which involves the hero gathering energy and then launching a spear towards the enemy, dealing a devastating blow. Legastus can be levelled up to unlock more skills that will allow him to tap into his true potential – an extremely powerful commander that should not be messed with.

Galloping alongside Legastus is a new legendary dream horse, that has been added to Black Desert Mobile. While Legastus commands thunder and lightning, this legendary horse, Doom was born and moulded in flames. His entire body is draped in fire, causing him to leave scorched footsteps as he traverses the battlefield. As scary as he looks, he brings immense benefits to players.

Riding Doom will increase the horse inventory weight significantly, giving players better mobility than even a Tier 8 steed. Additionally, Doom makes use of Ultimate Quantum Jump, which allows much faster travel at lesser cost thanks to the quicker cooldown period. This legendary horse is definitely something players will want to get their hands on.

Embrace the lightning and fire by downloading Black Desert Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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