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Black Desert Mobile’s latest update brings changes to the Family system alongside new events

Pearl Abyss just released an update for its mobile RPG Black Desert Mobile. It includes a lot of new content, events, activities, items and more.

Families are a crucial part of Black Desert Mobile, allowing players to build a group of close-knit comrades who can participate in missions and journey forward together. However, this was met with some inconveniences as players had to do a bunch of extra stuff to reap their rewards. With this update, all main quests have been consolidated and only need to be completed once for the entire family. This will allow players to build families more quickly, and all adventures will be common to one cohesive family now.

Family Dispatch also receives an update with the addition of East Valencia to Scout Hadum. Additionally, the Scout’s maximum dispatches have also been upgraded to three instead of two. This will allow players to enhance their knowledge and growth at the same time. It was difficult to return to areas where monsters had low CP, but this has been solved with this update.

The newest update also adds four new events for adventurers to take part in. First up is the Enhancement Bingo Event that offers players tasks to complete in exchange for Bingo Tickets that can be used to unlock numerous rewards. The new daily login missions will last until April 4th and will provide players with numerous goodies depending on how long they remain in-game.

The new Boss Beatdown Events – The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients and the Ordeal of the Fallen will award players with chests containing items like Ancient Inscribed Glyph, Tangled Time, Dimensional Fragment, Holy Vial of Light, and more. This will be available over the coming weekend. Finally, Larc’s Growth System event will feature daily and general missions for numerous rewards.

Download Black Desert Mobile now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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