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Black Myth: Wukong | 7 Things You Need To Know

A Soulslike based on influential novel Journey to the West, Black Myth: Wukong is set to release this year.

So to get you ready for this epic action-RPG, here are 7 things you NEED to know, from boss battles to the controversy around developer Game Science.

00:00 Black Myth: Wukong
00:40 The Book That Inspired
01:26 Another Soulslike
02:49 Limited Previews
03:58 Power of the Generation
04:56 Epic Boss Battles
05:50 Developer Controversy
07:15 Release date

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27 days ago

Noone cares about the controversy, keep it to the game

27 days ago

based devs

27 days ago

Ironically you say controversy wrong lol

27 days ago

Im so stupidly excited for this game. When i first saw it, i refused to believe we would ever get to play it. The footage and concept seemed so impossible to pull off. But with the gameplay footage shown off a while back, ive been made a believer. Im trying to keep my expectations low but its so hard. I mean pook at it! It looks SO FREAKIN COOL

27 days ago

Game is probably delay again

27 days ago

I couldn’t be more bored of dodge/parry vs homing attack games, so this is a pass.

27 days ago

Sun Wukong is my absolutely favorite literary figure. I want to play this but I suck at soulslike games. I have a condition where I can’t move my hands fast enough to keep up like I need to. I may have to give in anyway.

27 days ago

Holy crap, this dev team sounds despicable.

27 days ago

"I ain't ya daddy. Unless …." Priceless, you always know how to make me laugh, father 🤣

27 days ago

Only one thing you need to know:Black Myth:Wukong is not a soulslike game.

27 days ago

why do people keep saying wukong is invisible? He wasn't he lost a lot to gods stronger than he was and was literally forced to be a bodyguard for a monk who will torture him for anything he did wrong,people should read the original story and he is my all time favorite character in fiction since i was a kid and this game is Going to be amazing

27 days ago

There's really only one thing i need to know about it. Are you invincible and unstoppable? If the answer is "No", then you're not really playing Sun Wu Kong and i'm not interested.