Blizzard bans 250,000 Overwatch 2 cheaters, says its AI that analyses voice chat is warning naughty players and can often ‘correct negative behaviour immediately’

Overwatch 2 has not been having a good time of it in 2023. May brought the unwelcome news that Blizzard’s original plans for the game’s post-launch support were being changed, mainly the promised “original vision” of PvE story content. Players in the main hated this, with many pointing out this was why Overwatch 2 was considered a necessary sequel in the first place. Shortly afterwards the game was released on Steam, and this discontent found its expression in Steam review bombing.

Blizzard has for the most part decided it’s best to keep schtum and get on with improving the game, and amid all the disappointments and groaning it’s important to remember that Overwatch 2, for all its faults, is a pretty good time and still has a huge player base. It has also, like every popular competitive shooter, become more active about how it combats toxic behaviour and cheating.

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