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Bloody Ties — How to catch the thief in First Blood

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If you were able to start Dying Light 2‘s Bloody Ties DLC, then the quest should show up in your journal. If not, feel free to take a look at our article concerning those issues. Now, let’s say that you got it to work, then that means there’s a task ahead of you. Here’s our Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties guide to help you catch the thief, Ciro, as part of the First Blood mission.

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Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties guide – How to catch the thief in the First Blood mission

With the First Blood mission active in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties, make your way to the market in the eastern section of Quarry End. There, you’ll find an entrance to a bar.

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The bouncer will ask for the password, and you can choose from various replies (mostly references to other games). All of those are wrong, prompting an NPC to show up and say that he can aid you.

This character is Ciro and, before Aiden could react, he’ll snatch his money, dashing off to a building across the street. This will start a timer, so you’ll have to finish the entire task to avoid failure.

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To catch the thief in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties‘ First Blood mission, you’ll need to climb the building by using the nearby platforms and bars. Once you get to the rooftop, you’ll see a corpse. A pop-up should tell you to activate your Survivor Sense (i.e., ping the map by pressing the “Q” key). This will reveal blood spatters on the ground.

Continue pressing “Q” while following the trail until you see a building with a large billboard of a burger. Check the roof of that establishment to find a hatch and a ladder that leads down.

The main door here is locked, but, if you look around, you’ll see a small opening that you can enter. Go through the crawlspace and talk to Ciro.

Several zombies will spawn, so go ahead and take them out. Ciro will then tell you the correct password (i.e., First Blood), allowing you to enter the Quarry End bar.

After talking to some NPCs there, you and Ciro will team up to battle several raiders. This is a purely melee engagement, so make sure you’re dodging the hits from your opponents.

When all the hostiles are downed, a short cutscene will play, introducing you to the big bad of this DLC: Skullface. Suddenly, chaos ensues, and you’ll need to take out the infected, while the remaining fighters help out.

Upon leaving the building, you’ll speak with Ciro once more. He says he wants to join the fighter’s arena in Carnage Hall. This completes the First Blood mission in Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties. Up next, you’ll be doing several challenges to pass the tryouts in the Madmen From Villedor quest.

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Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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