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Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon announces official launch date of the mobile RPG, coming March 29th

UnlockGame has just announced the official release date for Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon, its upcoming RPG on mobile. Landing on Android devices on March 29th, the game lets players enjoy 1000 free draws at launch simply by completing certain quests.

In Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon, players can expect to score mythical SSR heroes, cool in-game goodies, limited supreme weapons and more simply by pre-registering for the game. The colourful RPG also features more than a hundred heroes to collect across five classes and five factions, as well as exhilarating PVP matches and tons of cross-server challenges.

For instance, the cross-server championship lets players capture the opponents’ position and occupy other people’s base camps for awesome in-game rewards and the ultimate bragging rights. Players can also duke it out in the Team Arena to see which team is the strongest of them all.

Casual mini-games include fishing, farming, tile-matching and the like; plus, there are also tower instances where players can put their battle prowess to the test with roguelike dungeons. As for the gacha’s pity system, a five-star hero is guaranteed for every 10 consecutive draws, and players can also reap rewards even when they’re offline.

If you’re curious about the upcoming mobile RPG, you can pre-register for Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon on the Google Play Store for Android devices for now (and score milestone rewards while you can). You can also join the community of followers on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest developments, or visit the official website to know more about the upcoming title’s gameplay, narrative, visuals and so on.

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