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Breakdown of the SUPER MARIO BROS. WONDER Reveal Trailer (NEW)

In this video, we will break down the Super Mario Bros. Wonder reveal trailer bit by bit, a process through which we will uncover many never before seen secrets!

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5 days ago

botted views

Shellman1 yt
5 days ago


cyan n red the mythical cyber spec ops
5 days ago

Theory purple coins might be currency to for shops
Wonder Seeds is just like star coins it unlock shops
or bounes level not unlock a new world

💛 Lil Tails 🤍
5 days ago

Look how they massacred my boi… (Bowser Jr)

Some random user
5 days ago

this dudes voice is just not it

Torterra tortellini
5 days ago

It looks so good that it looks fanmade

5 days ago

I'm happy to play be able to play peach

Noah's Games
5 days ago

No I think this dream party world because I believe that dark purple goo is sleep goo so maybe the villain isn’t bower and it is wrot or the new villain could be professor e.gad because maybe e.gad was trying out a new invention but got out of hand so it sleeps blue toad so that might be why he was not there but the invention turned the mushroom Kingdom into this dream world

crls love
5 days ago

Mario run is a main game too, so this is Daisy 2nd not 1st, 3rd if we count mario maker another main game

Austin M. Small
5 days ago

Wonder isn't really worth the hype.

Marzia Polidori
5 days ago

You talk

T-Elijah Morrison💙
5 days ago

This game is really getting good and better too can’t wait to play this game also play daisy and peach too😊

Super Mario
5 days ago

I can’t wait for this new 2D Mario game called Super Mario Bros. Wonder it looks so fun and majestic this has to be the best 2D Mario game ever like WOW i’m so impressed Nintendo 👍☺️😍😘💋💞❤️

Smg M
5 days ago


Matthew Blair
5 days ago