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Bullet Heaven game Wanted Shadows is making the jump to mobile

  • The ‘bullet heaven’ title is coming to iOS later this year
  • The publisher Crescent Moon Games previously worked on Super Slime Rush
  • Pre-registration for iOS is now open

Wanted Shadows, a ‘bullet heaven’ game in the vein of perennial hit Vampire Survivors, will make the jump from Steam to iOS later this year. Radhood Games originally created it and is being published by Crescent Moon Games, who also worked on the 3D platformer Super Slime RushΒ and have worked with the original developer and Conradical Games to bring the fast-paced survivors-like to iPhone.

But wait a minute, what is a ‘bullet heaven’ when it’s at home? Well, if you’re confused, think of a ‘bullet hell’ title where the challenge is to dodge the projectiles fired at you, often in enormous waves. A bullet heaven game meanwhile would be something like Vampire Survivors which of course prominently challenges you to ‘become the bullet heaven’. Basically, bullet heaven is where the major threat on the screen isΒ you!

Wanted Shadows puts you in the shoes (or wings?) of a group of monsters fighting off hordes of demons to hold onto their territory. While it’s similar to many other titles in Survivors-like genre, Wanted Shadows has a unique art style and flashy visual effects that fall outside the usually pixel-art influences seen in the genre.

And it’s something that Wanted Shadows excels at, judging by the gameplay showcased by Crescent Moon, Conradical and Radhood games below for their original Steam release date.


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You can pre-register for Wanted Shadows on iOS by using the store link below.

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