Bungie admits over half of Destiny 2’s Control PvP matches are decided ‘before a single shot is fired’

Yesterday, Bungie announced the return of skill-based matchmaking—or SBMM—to Destiny 2’s main PvP mode. In a This Week at Bungie blog post, the studio detailed upcoming changes to matchmaking, with the addition of “loose SBMM” to the Control playlist that will arrive at the launch of Season 18 on August 23. This is described as “the first iteration” of a larger matchmaking overhaul, due to continue through Season 19.

Presumably anticipating the inevitable backlash from PvP tryhards, the lengthy post goes into granular detail about why this change is needed. In it, Bungie highlights just how big the gulf is between the best and worst players under the current, connection-based matchmaking system. Here’s the eye-opening stat: “In Control, the skill disparities on a team can be stark—over 50% of matches have a skill disparity of 900 or more between best and worst player, which is so significant that the outcome is already known before a single shot is fired.”

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