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Bungie is reportedly reviving 90s FPS ‘Marathon’ as an extraction-based multiplayer game

We’ve known for a long time now that Bungie is working on new games outside of Destiny. Previously, the company trademarked a game called ‘Matter’ but as it turns out, Bungie has something entirely different in the works – a revival of Marathon, an FPS IP that Bungie established before working on Halo. 

Marathon is a first-person shooter series developed by Bungie back in the 90s, long before Halo was first announced. This time around, Marathon is said to be a 3-player extraction-based multiplayer game, according to sources speaking with Insider Gaming. Currently, the new version of Marathon is said to be in pre-alpha, but due to industry competition for development talent, Bungie may announce the game early in an effort to recruit more devs for the team.

As you would expect from a multiplayer Bungie game, there will be live service elements, including seasonal content and rewards to keep players coming back over the long term.

If the report is accurate, this will be Bungie’s first non-Destiny title in over a decade. The company was acquired by Sony earlier this year but will continue to make multiplatform games. With that in mind, it is unlikely that Marathon will be console exclusive. After being acquired, Bungie also confirmed plans to release a non-Destiny title by 2025, so Marathon might be just around the corner.

KitGuru Says: If Marathon is Bungie’s next big game, then I do wonder what Matter is or was and if that game will still see the light of day. 

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