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Call of Antia gets more new content with new St. Patricks event

FunPlus announced today that its match-3 RPG Call of Antia is getting even more content this month with a St. Patrick’s Day event called “Spring Escapades”. This event will feature a new game mode and two new heroes.

Spring Escapades will bring an abundance of new content for fans of Call of Antia to participate in, including an entirely new game mode for one. This new mode will require players to use their dice to decide the movements of a hero named Colette. by moving this hero, you will uncover a random event that can range from a random surprise such as currency or upgrade materials to a fully-fledged brand new mini-game to play. Each time you finish a lap on the board-like setup, you’ll receive milestone rewards as well.

Alongside the brand new game mode, the main focus of this update is the previously mentioned Colette, as she is not only getting centre stage in the dice mode but also becoming an entirely new hero to play. Available for a limited time in the summon pool, this brand new 5-star hero comes with a skill called ”Snip Snip!” that damages the target using her unique weapon, “Razor Sharp Shears.”

Also featured in the summon pool during this time is the dwarven hero Bedivere, banishing opponents with his “Banner of Glory” skill that deals damage to the target enemy, decreases damage, and shares damage with nearby allies. With these two new special heroes and an entirely new game mode, there’s plenty of content to enjoy with the holiday.

As previously mentioned, Call of Antia is a match-3 puzzle RPG that involves a gacha system to acquire new heroes with unique skills to do battle in a high fantasy setting. With this new event and the recent update, content is plentiful, so get involved for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

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