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Call of Duty Has Released Season 3 Roadmap

Call of Duty has officially shared the Season 3 road map which breaks down everything players can expect from the season ahead of time. The brand new season is set to begin on April 3 and has so much content in store for players. “Leave No Friend Behind” reads the road map image.

So far we already know that Rebirth Island is making a return to the platform after fans really wanted some older original maps to return to the game. See the road map below as well as a list of all the new content that will be introduced next week.

Capture the Flag will launch on the day of the update, One in the Chamber is coming soon, another game mode called Minefield will release mid-season, as well as Escort. There will also be a new version of ranked play, being internal which will provide a lot of rewards to players in Call of Duty.

  • Rank Rewards: Available at launch and can be earned in any season. Players can continue their previous rank grind in Season 3.
  • Season Rewards: Available at the start of a season and only available in that season.
  • End-of-Season Rewards: Rewards that are awarded after the season has ended and represent either your highest attained division or an active placement in the Top 250 Division. Season 3 brings new seasonal Large Decals to unlock in MWIII Ranked Play!
  • Win 5 Ranked Matches: “MWIII Season 3 Competitor” Sticker
  • Win 10 Ranked Matches: “Pro Issue Rival-9” Weapon Blueprint
  • Win 25 Ranked Matches: “Absolute Banger” Charm
  • Win 50 Ranked Matches: “Hold This L” Large Decal
  • Win 75 Ranked Matches: “MWIII Ranked Play Season 3” Loading Screen
  • Win 100 Ranked Matches: MWIII Season 3 Ranked Veteran” Weapon Camo

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There is so many more things that will be added into the new season, everything else can be read about from the official Call of Duty page here.


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