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Call of Duty will reportedly get new mode next year inspired by Escape from Tarkov

Call of Duty jumped on the Battle Royale trend a little late with Warzone, but Activision thinks it may have found the next big thing. According to reports this week, Infinity Ward is preparing a new Call of Duty mode inspired by Escape From Tarkov, with plans to release in 2023. 

According to Ralph Valve (via WhatIf Gaming), the Tarkov-inspired mode has been in development at Infinity Ward for a few years already under the codename Project Nexus. More recently, the new mode has become a “high priority” for the studio, with plans to launch as a standalone free to play spin-off in 2023.

At launch, Modern Warfare 2 (2022) will have three core modes – campaign and multiplayer, followed by Warzone in December. The Tarkov inspired mode will arrive in 2023 instead, and will tell new stories following the events of the campaign, with returning characters as well as PvE and PvP missions and events.

Apparently, this new mode is targeting a Q1 2023 launch, so we should get more details fairly soon. If the mode exists, references to it will likely be datamined from Modern Warfare 2’s files when the game releases this October.

KitGuru Says: Tarkov is finally getting some respect from the larger shooter developers and publishers. Hopefully as others begin to try similar ideas, Tarkov can remain ahead of the curve with future updates. 

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