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TikTok is ass backwards

from So lets start off with the fact that you will often times come across girls on tiktok that are dressed a certain way to help boost the view and like count. (Despite how many of them will say that they werent baiting for views and likes) we all know the truth.  You wont have your nipples rock hard whilst wearing a thin white muscle shirt for nothing.  Now I am not one to usually complain about this sort of thing, actually thinking about it I usually encourage it because who does it really hurt? However when it filly effects me and my videos and no one else I start to have a problem. read more

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NuclearCoffee android app / Announcement (app updated please redownload)

As always you can download our android app for the website directly from google play and have it just automatically update there.  However, I know that there are some people out there who would just prefer to not have to deal with the hassle of google play so with that in mind we are offering a download of our apk here on the site.   We will regularly update it here as well as on google play so now that gives us a second area to have it become available. read more

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Sea of Solitude review and breakdown

This is one of the most fantastic little games that I have played in quite a while! Now with that being said you guys know I have to pick a few things apart about it as usual but this time its nothing crazy.  I’m going to hit this game on the story.  I feel like this is one of those things where sure the story does sort of tie-up together by the end, but perhaps they could have written the story to better help you understand things right in the beginning.  You start in a boat driving through some rough seas, you would later come to know that the dark place you start is actually in your head.  (OR at least that’s what I took from it) From there on you have this battle with the darkness and light, to get to the light, you need to overcome the darkness and sometimes that might mean letting go of something. read more

a super amazing game that touches on depressing and losing yourself.

This is really the game that I didn't know I needed to play. touching on topics such as depression and darkness it really manages to leave a positive message in your own mind.

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