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Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Details, Classes, Character Creator & Trailer – MMORPG 2024 (PC, XBOX & PS5)

Get all the details on Chrono Odyssey gameplay, classes, and character creator in this new MMORPG for PC, Xbox, and PS5. Dive into the world of Chrono Odyssey and create your own unique character to embark on an epic adventure!

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3 months ago

Dafuq?!? WHY?!? A female Custodian leads to so many crappy decisions in the future…the GRIMDARK goes woke or politically correct.
Just NO.
We had 1 safe place.
It's just like all these other franchisees giving up their souls for a viewer base that doesn't even exist.
Catering to the 12 women who actually play or are interested in the books will not get the effect they want.

3 months ago

MMO = Forget it

3 months ago

Mmo's currently cant even do basic shit right. How are they going to make you freeze rewind and pause time among several people hitting a boss. This is just screaming a fake money grab scam game

3 months ago

all ive ever wanted was a fullscale mmo with actual action combat. I want to actually aim my ranged weapons, i want to aim my spells, i want to feel like my greatsword is smashing through some giant monsters face.
Something like Dragons Dogma gameplay..but in an mmo. So far, no game has actually delivered on that well, and been an otherwise good game.
I don't want my combat to be just mashing hotkeys for skills on my hotbar. I want to use combos and have just a few very strong, meaningfull skills, rather than spamming a bunch of meh skills that arent visually appealing or satsifying to hit with. Thats the main thing that makes MMOs boring. Even BDO and FFXIV, some of the better ones, are so repetitive and boring in combat.

3 months ago

this game makes me feel happy to be alive

3 months ago

I hope classes aren't genderlocked

3 months ago

As a type of game I love it. It's been a long time since I was amazed by an MMO trailer.

I'm very pleased that it's buy 2 play but I would have preferred to pay a monthly subscription rather than have microtransactions if not just for aesthetic elements.

I hope it doesn't have a crafting system similar to BDO and I'm very happy that there are 2 weapons per class that can be used but maintaining the same class avoiding the situation of the wizard_tank or similar obscenities. I am very interested and it would be interesting to know something, even imprecise, about the possible release dates.

3 months ago

the enemy mob animation is super repetitive as it looks like. they should at least add 2 animation per mob so that they look different during combat.

3 months ago

Erm… 12 km is 3 times smaller than skyrim. It's basically like having the game be as big as the rift.

3 months ago

Its gorgeous but ill wait until its out. Also, when u think about it ashes of creation looks like potato compared to this.

3 months ago

Been a gamer for 20 years, you learn some things in that time. Like how to recognize a flashy good looking game in trailers that’s going to be terrible in application. And this is exactly that.

3 months ago

Will this be available for Xbox/ps5?

3 months ago

Looks like dragon’s dogma 2, but mmo

3 months ago

this game is going to flop too hard

3 months ago

Oooooo this gives me Vindictus vibes

3 months ago

I am looking forward to CO but seeing that there isn't much info on it. Possibly towards the end of the year or next year in 2025. We might get the game. But I am looking forward to it for sure. It been a while since I got, into a MMO that actually keeps my attention. But I can be patient. Besides MH and few other nice switch games. I Can wait for more until they release Chrono Oddessy.

3 months ago

I just hope it’s real. After the Day Before and looking into who is making this I am hopeful this blows me away but I’m also holding onto a healthy amount of skepticism

3 months ago

More MMO promises lol

3 months ago

There is a girl on the left with a rapier at 3:49 – I wonder what class that is for.

3 months ago

i wont buy it till a week after release, if the monetization is ok.

3 months ago

Another game that’s shown WAY!.. to early and is gonna fail because of monetization. 👀👀

3 months ago

Korean mmo. Sweet im sold. Western mmos are generally pretty bland and uninspired

3 months ago

Well it looks super cool but as with games currently I’m not getting my hopes up. If it actually offers fun combat to do with friends I’ll be really happy though.

3 months ago

A lot of games being released and teased these days are starting to look the same…

3 months ago

hopefully they follow the XIV business style and strictly make any micro transactions for cosmetic only

3 months ago

release 2050

3 months ago

Kakao 🙄

3 months ago

Think this would actually end up on current gen and not get pushed to next gen?

3 months ago

Another "Day After Tomorrow." I'll believe it when I see it on my monitor.

3 months ago

B2P – Good
Kakao – Bad
So I guess we'll see how they manage to fuck up this IP.

3 months ago

Why are people talking like this is a MMO? Wasn't it sopose to be single player?

3 months ago

Hope sorcerer has a necro sub class😁😁

3 months ago

Super excited been following this for awhile, really hope its amazing

3 months ago

Hope it's a buy once play forever like gw2

3 months ago

Looks great. Please charge what is necessary to support it appropriately

3 months ago


3 months ago

Any tips on growing a small gaming channel like mine

3 months ago

I honestly hope that they have a subscription service similar to ffxiv, I'm a little tired of seeing MMOs die. I don't have a lot of faith in Kakao but an actual good quality MMO on the scale of ffxiv with action gameplay is something the world is missing rn.

3 months ago

i'm abit worried about the 'localization' part we all know how western 'localization' has been so i hope i'm wrong but the worry is still there for me at least

3 months ago

It looks amazing but I don't expect to see it anytime soon. Also with kakao being the publisher I have my doubts about this one.

3 months ago

Last Epoch ''Monster Hunter" Edition xD

3 months ago

Looks really good, might be a shitshow Day 1, we all know that.
Not gonna buy it straight away, perhaps wait and see some reviews, if there are massive P2W elements, people will not even try this or quit within 1-2 months including myself. If its fair and buy once to play with good updates and OPTIONAL cashshop with reasonable prices, they got gold on their hands… But we all know the corporate greed and bullshit micro's there are in today's gaming..

Being cautiously optimistic with this one.

3 months ago

I'm willing to wait a bit for this to drop because I prefer not to have a broken game as my experience of jumping into it for the first time.