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Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Info Classes, Open World, Story & All Trailers – New MMORPG (PC, XBOX & PS5)

Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming MMORPG for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 5. In this game, players will explore an expansive and high-quality open world, and explore the many classes and abilities available to them.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the game’s classes, open world, story & general gameplay mechanics, as well as all of the trailers for Chrono Odyssey. This game looks amazing, and we can’t wait to play it!

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4 months ago

I still don’t know anything about this game. Everything is so vague yet it was supposed to be released in 2022. This isn’t adding up.

4 months ago

Big Throne and Liberty vibes incoming. We MMOrpg fans are so delusional. Ask yourself the next question
-Have as today any first party studio of Sony or Microsoft or any other big publisher like Square or Activision, managed to produce a game that comes close to what this trailers are showing?
-If the answer is no, they fucking haven't, how realistic is that some random studio from South Korea is gonna do it?

4 months ago

Just tell the date release?

4 months ago

More recently they have said late 2023 or 2024

4 months ago

I hope that there are abilities one can get from secret grueling side missions and that the abilities feel customizable, for example not every mage has the same exact load out spells. Also I hope it’s an open world you can explore out of the gate and stumble upon equitable items that are stronger than you are and not locked behind a level wall, and no pay to win. Just good ole fashion crafting and farming for the best gear. So you didn’t just pay to be an asset on the team, but you worked hard for it. And explored the corners of this open world to find that legendary spell or gear. Reward our curiosity and hustle.

4 months ago

all this talk about upcoming mmo's since like 20 years ago lmao mf's out here still playing wow.

4 months ago

like a dragon nest

4 months ago

False hope. Even if the game release . There will be just a handful amount of players who can really run this game in their pc. And lack of players will eventually crumble the dev. So if the game doesnt optimise to mid range devices. It going to be a fail.

4 months ago

thanks for the content

4 months ago

EldenRing meets BlackDessert^^

4 months ago

Nah pass. Asian developer wich means pretty on the surface, hideous under the surface.

4 months ago

nothing free combat about this, just another click and smash.

4 months ago

Not falling for it not falling for it not falling for it not falling for it

4 months ago

Looks amazin but so did lostark

4 months ago

very interesting …10:35

4 months ago

this game is never coming out unfortunately, indulge in all the cope you want youre literally better off playing wow or ff whether its your preference or not. all of these korean mmos die off time and time again, this genre died years ago. i give this game 1 year tops, just like lost ark, new world, and every other recent mmo the passion has died and quick cash grabs are all that companies are interested in. look at throne and liberty. beta barely came out and now NA is getting one and its alright getting deserved player "feedback" yet they arent changing the combat. See you all in limsa.

4 months ago

Is this a real game

4 months ago

I mostly play on mobile and Nintendo switch lite

4 months ago

its giving BLESS vibes im scared I said it once and ill say it again YouTube kills games.

4 months ago

you will never see this actually released

4 months ago

first mmo where i want to main a ranger from day one. she looks really cool

4 months ago

looking good game

4 months ago

smells like pay to win :/

4 months ago

This game’s gonna flop. I already call it. If you’re reading this after buying it and realizing you got scammed..I told you so.

4 months ago

Well this looks like 2 yrs of my life 😂 hopefully I’m done with the new FF before this one.

4 months ago

i always seem to go assassin in MMO's

4 months ago

this is literally BDO2. idk why ppl are overhyping it. just hide the title of trailer and its 1:1 BDO clone

4 months ago

Oh man that game looked good

4 months ago

Looks like another paid to win or pay to progress game 😂

4 months ago

watching this, i completely forgot it's an mmo

4 months ago

I wonder if it's going to be free to play. I am a free to play gamer and don't like to spend money on games. The game look's amazing, hope it's free so I get to try it!

4 months ago

If classes are gender locked then, no thanks.

4 months ago

classes are so generic it hurt like hell, no proper gameplay nothing to w8, why we already saw what happen to epic trailer vs game – Throne and Lliberty with that stoik 2003 wooden comabt system and BOT system all the way

4 months ago

another trailer in which the actual game will be a grindy black desert and look nothing like the trailer

4 months ago

This will look absolutely nothing like this trailer.

4 months ago

It's Korean so it's already questionable. They tend to release grind fests and they rarely ever do global releases. So don't expect it to be released to western audiences any time soon if ever.

4 months ago

This game seems to good to be true it looks too perfect and my trust issues are going crazy

4 months ago

In all honesty, I'm mainly going to be playing this for the spears.

I'm a whore for spear combat, and with how beautiful the art is, this is something I'm all for.

4 months ago

More like monster hunter

4 months ago

I love the ambition, but they can't deliver what we see here AND have it function well.

4 months ago

It’s a scam

4 months ago

One of the problems of amateurs using Unreal engine is their taking the defaults to produce a plastic looking, matt or slightly misty appearance.

4 months ago

The assassin class looks sick. The story line looks to be original as possible. Like Dark City made to be medieval in a way… a game. Hope it does well.

4 months ago

What about pay to win ?

4 months ago

Hopefully there will be gender selection. Getting tired of the rangers in games always being female.

4 months ago

I knew this was a Korean game the moment I saw it.. It'll probably never come out.

4 months ago

I really hope this isnt another "to good to be true" game. The trailer looks amazing.

4 months ago

give me a sword and paladin all the way

4 months ago

All these new MMO’s are in constant trailer and beta lol never come out