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Clockwork Revolution – Xbox Games Showcase 2023 Trailer Deep Dive | TOD Views

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In my hopes and prediction video just before the Xbox Games Showcase I talked about InXile Entertainment and how I really wanted to see what their next game was. And I was not disappointed! Let’s take a look at Clockwork Revolution, the first person action RPG coming to Xbox in due time…

Watch the trailer here –

Blog Post:

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:49 – Trailer Reaction & Thoughts
00:05:32 – Blog Post
00:10:52 – Outro


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The Voice of TOD
24 days ago

You can check out my initial reactions to this trailer and everything else at the Xbox Games Showcase here –

24 days ago

I have yet to play Wasteland 3 but apparently the story is good and it's also very dark/emotional, so I think I would like it. This one looks interesting too!