Cloud Strife’s modded abs have Final Fantasy 7 players in a tizzy

I’ve always been of the mind that anyone looks great in a crop top, and Final Fantasy 7′s Cloud Strife is no exception. For some reason, not everyone seems to agree with me though. A mod from juijub on NexusMods has put the grumpy protagonist in a pretty sweet cropped leather jacket, showing off the typical JRPG protagonist washboard abs (thanks, Kotaku).

While I’m a fan of the mod, not everyone was into it. Comments were asking juijub to cover up his exposed midriff, with one writing “any way we can get a version without the belly exposed? Otherwise looks great” while another said “this is very cool! But I would also like one without the lewd belly exposed.” Now I’m not sure I’d go as far to call a man’s stomach lewd, especially considering the same modder literally has a mod that makes Cloud naked, but the cropped look isn’t for everyone.

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