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Construction Simulator guide: How to speed up a job

Construction Simulator offers plenty of different activities and jobs that range from pouring cement to ripping up roads and lifting prefab walls. Depending on the contracts you pick up, you might end up doing something as simple as digging out holes for new potted plans, or you could end up constructing an entire house from its starting foundation stage.
For these more complex jobs, you’ll have quite a few steps to complete from start to finish. If you ever find yourself in a time crunch, there are loopholes that can get you out of work, so to speak. Here are a few of them.
Making ‘company time’ your time
Alter the job scope
Before you accept a large contract, take a gander at the Job Scope subsection, located to the bottom left corner. Here, you can alter the scope from Low to Medium or High.
The lowest scope gives you less of a load to bear. It doesn’t remove any steps, but you will have less of a single task to do. For example, if the job had you movi…

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