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Content Warning April 3rd patch notes and changes explained

Content Warning has blown up on Steam after being free for the first 24 hours, and now the game’s first big update is here. A few new items have been added to the Content Warning shop, so your SpookTube videos are going to turn out even better going forward.

Content Warning April 3rd Update Patch Notes

Today’s update adds a few new items that will greatly improve the quality of your SpookTube videos. Here’s the full list of patch notes directly from Landfall.

  • Added new item “Reporter Mic”
  • Added new item “Sounds Player”
  • Added a projector in the garden
  • Adjusted prices of emotes
  • Added inverted mouse setting
  • Fixed disk being able to be duplicated if you picked it up at the same time
  • Decreased hard drive usage for recordings.

While the inverted mouse setting and bug fixes are appreciated, the new items are the most exciting additions in today’s Content Warning update.

The Reporter Mic can be purchased for $50 in the Gadgets section of the store. It acts as a handheld version of the Boom Mic that someone can hold while they’re being filmed. The Sound Player is priced at $100 and comes with a bunch of preset sound effects and music tracks that you can play during your SpookTube videos. Well-timed music tracks or sound effects will net you more viewers and, in turn, more ad revenue.

Emotes are also considerably cheaper now, which makes them a worthwhile investment for aspiring content creators looking to create the next viral SpookTube video. Plus, you can spend the money you save on the new Party Popper item located in the Misc section of the store. For just $5, you can liven up the scene and become the heart of the party. It doesn’t do anything but launch some confetti, but it looks great on camera.

These items will surely make the Content Warning experience even more enjoyable for players, especially since they can be acquired after just one or two days of filming. You won’t have to save up that much cash to upgrade the quality of your footage now, which will make growing your audience even easier.

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