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Content Warning tops one million sales

“Bring out the party poopers” – Content Warning has sold over one million copies.

That’s on top of the 6.6 million players who snapped up a copy for free when the game launched on 1st April.

Let’s Play Content Warning Gameplay! – CROSSOVER CONTENT! (ft. @outsidextra @MrVg247 @dicebreaker)Watch on YouTube

Developer Landfall confirmed the milestone earlier today. In a message to players posted to its social media channels, the indie studio thanked its fans for “liking our scary lill game”.

A follow-up tweet adds that “some fun updates and fixes are on the way for you all” but does not clarify when those updates will be deployed.

Of the 6.2K players who’ve left a review on the Steam storefront, 92 per cent have left a positive message about the co-op horror game where you film spooky stuff with your friends and try to go viral.

Of the less enthused reviews, some players report a “fun but flawed” experience that lacks longevity.

“Content Warning is too insubstantial to make a lasting impression,” we said in our Content Warning review, awarding it three stars out of five.

“Like other sarcastic games concerned with our high-consumption culture – the 2021 “anti-visual novel” Class of ’09, or the forthcoming reality TV sim The Crush House – Content Warning reflects a godlike indifference. We’ve all internalised it by living, mostly, through screens. But indifference isn’t enough fuel for getting inspired, and I think we’ll eventually realize that it never has been.”

Landfall’s follow-up game, Haste: Broken Worlds can be wishlisted on Steam now.

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