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Could we be getting updates on two massive franchises this summer?

Fans have waited years for official announcements

There are some games that get announced, gamers get hyped for, and then that anticipation dies away and we all move on with our lives. There are some titles that seem to come out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise — like Palworld earlier this year, poker-like mega-hit Balatro, and even HELLDIVERS 2. And then there are some franchises that go years without any official news, leaving their fans surviving off morsels of leaks, rumors, and downright speculation.

Today, devotees of Gears of War games and Splinter Cell have been given something else to nibble on: and it might be a sign that updates on the next titles from both franchises are imminent.

What’s the latest on Splinter Cell?

If you believe that nothing’s ever coincidental and you happen to be itching for something, anything, regarding the oft-rumored Splinter Cell remake, it sounds like you’ll want to tune into the upcoming Ubisoft Forward on June 10.

As spotted on Twitter (or X, if you prefer), the publisher’s Toronto studio updated their Facebook header and profile picture immediately following the official Forward announcement, replacing their banner with the unmistakable iconic Sam Fisher headgear, and swapping out their logo for a night vision-green alternative.

Do you think they just happened to fancy a change? Or could the timing suggest that something big is being planned for this summer’s Ubisoft Forward event?

What have we heard about Gears 6?

Over on the Kinda Funny Xcast, Mike and Parris were joined by Jeff Grubb to discuss a range of subjects, including future Xbox plans. When asked about whether we could see news regarding Gears this year, Parris said he thought the time was right to maybe tease something in the next few months.

If you watch Grubb, you can see he’s keen to say something as soon as Parris suggests a summer announcement. Mike then moves the conversation away, asking Jeff about hardware plans, but Grubb is obviously eager to get whatever was on his chest, off it, saying, “Well, real quick I will say I’ve heard some stuff might be happening with Gears 6 this summer. A tease sounds about right to me, Parris; that seems like what we can expect”.

Now that might seem like a bit of a throwaway comment, but it’s interesting that Jeff wasn’t actually asked directly if he’d heard anything in particular regarding Gears 6 news, and clearly wanted to get this off his chest. Could it have been purely for clout? Maybe. Could he actually know something and want to signal to fans to keep the game on their radar? Well, he’s been known to have the inside track before. Watch this space.

If you want to check out the full conversation on the game, check out this time-stamped link.

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