Counter Strike 2 Limited Test Start and End Dates, How to Join

The Counter Strike 2 Limited Test start and end times have been revealed by Valve. And if you’re interested in taking part, you’ll want to know how to join it. 

Rumors about Counter Strike 2 have been floating around for a while now, but with the CS: GO overhaul being announced out of nowhere, the wait is kind of over for long-time players of Valve’s incredibly popular competitive FPS. Here’s what you need to know about the CS2 Limited Test on PC. 

When Does the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test Begin and End? — Answered

The Counter Strike 2 Limited Test start date is today, March 22, 2023. 

There is no mention of an end date for the Limited Test, meaning it’s likely that it will be running until the Counter Strike 2 release this summer. Like its predecessor, it will be free to play.

Getting access to the CS2 Limited Test won’t block you off from CS:GO. You’ll be able to hop between the games over the testing period and post-release, though the two do share competitive cooldowns. XP earned in Counter Strike 2 will, for now, carry over to CS:GO.

How to Join the CS2 Limited Test

As of today, Counter Strike: Global Offensive players can receive a notification in-game to enroll for the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test. Valve’s documentation on how to get an invitation to the Limited Test isn’t entirely clear, but it’s essentially automatic, provided you’re a CS:GO player.

Essentially, to join the CS2 Limited Test you:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Wait for a message at the main menu telling you about the Limited Test.
  3. Click ‘Enroll’ and download Counter Strike 2.

Valve claims they will be choosing eligible players based on their specs, Steam account history, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive history.

Players with VAC bans or general game bans on Steam are not eligible to join the Counter Strike 2 Limited test, so don’t even wait at the main menu if this sounds like you.

Counter Strike 2 receiving its Limited Beta is a welcome midweek surprise, but not one that was unexpected. Look for more Counter Strike 2 news and guides here on GameSkinny.

Featured image via Valve.

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