Counter Strike 2 Release Revealed by Valve as Overhauled Free Update

The Counter Strike 2 release rumors were true, and Valve has finally pulled back the curtain, announcing a “sequel” to its ridiculously popular competitive shooter in the form of CS2. Instead of being a new product for full price or even some kind of splinter of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS2 will be a free update to CS:GO that ports the game to the Source 2 engine and overhauls the visuals.

In a series of videos on Valve’s YouTube page, the company has detailed the changes that will be happening when CS2 launches.

The most obvious is every map getting redesigned visuals with new sound effects and such, but we’ll also see upgraded and reworked map designs, what Valve is calling “Game-Changing dynamic smoke grenades,” and tick-rate independent gameplay. That last one should be a godsend for players on lousy internet connections.

Furthermore, any purchased items from CS:GO will carry over into the player’s inventories for CS2. If you’ve spent thousands on weapon skins, you won’t have to worry about that cash going to waste. Valve is working to ensure everything is available on launch.

A limited test for CS2 will be held in the very near future, though an official FAQ from Valve doesn’t clear up much. Players with recent playtime on official Valve servers with no VAC violations will be chosen at random to get a sample of this overhaul. If chosen to participate, players will receive a notification on the main menu of CS:GO when they boot it up. For now, Counter-Strike 2 is set to launch in summer 2023.

Featured image via Valve.

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