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Counter:Side, the popular and previously SEA exclusive action RPG, is set to release globally soon

South Korean game dev StudioBside announced today that its flagship action RPG Counter:Side, which up until now has only been available in Southeast Asia, will soon launch globally. The team will also launch a closed beta test in the near future to gather feedback from players before the official global launch.

With a gorgeous watercolour-esque anime-inspired visual style and some engaging combat systems to take part in, Counter:Side quickly made a name for itself in Southeast Asia and now global audiences can look forward to the same experience. The game was also noted amongst most players as being extremely free-to-play friendly, which is a fairly rare occurrence for gacha games such as Counter:Side.

Another noteworthy feature of Counter:Side is the story, which has been said to be infused with some light humour that help to keep the game from getting a little too edgy, which is surprising given the setting is post-apocalyptic. Players will take on the role of CEO of the Coffin Company, a world defense force full of cute and cool characters that will do battle against monsters and bosses as a result of whatever event may have caused said apocalypse.

Unfortunately, we have no official dates set for either the launch or the closed beta test or specific details on how to sign up for the planned beta test, so for now we’ll simply have to stay tuned for updates. If you’re looking for a good resource to keep up with all Cross:Side related news, why not get it from the official website itself. If social media is more your speed, you can also give the official Twitter handle a follow. There is also no word on how the global launch will impact SEA players, so keep an ear out if you’re one of the lucky ones who has been playing Cross:Side for some time now.

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