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Cozy Caravan – A Wholesome Top-Down Adventure

Set off on a single-player, top-down adventure through a gorgeously crafted world in Cozy Caravan. Explore picturesque landscapes via your bee-drawn (no trusty horse steed here!) caravan. With your best friend Bubba by your side, set up a mobile market in each town and hamlet you come across.  Trade with the locals to earn some money, and even help them out a little! You might need to give someone a ride in your caravan, or pick the carrots from their garden. Whatever needs to be done, you’ll deepen your connection with each character as well as learn their stories. It’s not all work and no play, though! Some of the townspeople will want to just relax and participate in some fun activities with you. 

Release Date

Cozy Caravan is coming to Steam sometime. There is no listed release date!

Perhaps Coffee Caravan would interest you too?

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