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Crescent Moon Games’ ethereal, Japanese-inspired auto-runner Remortal releases soon

  • The game is set to launch on February 22nd
  • It’s a unique, dreamlike take on the auto-runner genre
  • Crescent Moon Games have a raft of new titles either developed or published that are coming to mobile

Mad Llama Studios’ odd, entrancing and ethereal auto-runner Remortal is set to launch next week on February 22nd at the time of writing. We’d looked at Remortal all the way back in August of 2023, but it seems that the game is now finally making its way to iOS as part of a raft of new releases in 2024 published by Crescent Moon Games.

Billing itself as an adventure through a curious, metaphysical world, Remortal is certainly a unique-looking game. And one which is still sure to get your blood pumping thanks to its fast-paced action.

Auto-running in the dark

Remortal is part of the auto-runner genre which, if you’re not familiar, is a relatively simple obstacle course where you can do everything except slow down. Temple Run fans will already know how games like this go, but Remortal offers a new first-person perspective and some strange, stylish Japanese-inspired visuals to go along with it. It professes to be a metaphorical display of a man’s musings on death, and that’s quite the intriguing if somewhat grim subject to tackle. But any more musing will have to wait as you’re challenged to navigate all the oncoming hazards that are in your way!

You can check out a vertical slice trailer released last year below to get a more rounded look at Remortal.

Remortal promises to offer a thoughtful subject matter, but not to skimp on the fast-paced gameplay. So if that seems like your thing you can grab this game for the bargain price of $1.99 when it releases on February 22nd.

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