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CSR Racing 2 adds the Lamborghini SC63 and the famous Le Mans track

  • CSR Racing 2 is set to include the new Lamborghini SC63 in their latest collab
  • But that’s not all – you’ll also be able to race around the famous track at Le Mans
  • Keep an eye out from June 5th to the 17th!

CSR Racing 2, the top drag racing simulator for mobile by Zynga, is set to add the cutting-edge Lamborghini SC63 to the game as part of a special event to coincide with the race in the city of Le Mans.

You’ll be able to take to the famous track from the event and race the SC63, which will be the car actually raced by the Lamborghini team at the Le Mans event. Additional features like AR will let you examine this car in detail, before taking to the track in CSR 2 to try it out for yourself.

While racing fans may take or leave the SC63, undoubtedly the most significant aspect of this collaboration is the inclusion of Le Mans. The 24 Hours of Le Mans, which takes place in the city of the same name, is a prestigious marathon racing event that sees teams duel it out for over 24 hours as they race around the track, competing for the best minimum time.

Vroom, vroom

Think of it like NASCAR, only far longer and a million times more serious (so much so that there are probably people baying for my blood as I make that comparison). But you’ll be able to find out for yourself, as all players will get free access to the Lamborghini SC63 during the warm-up event, before full access from June 5th to the 17th to coincide with the famous event.

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