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Dadish goes into the third dimension with Dadish 3D, coming to mobile

  • Dadish is a series of platformers from Thomas K Young
  • Now, the series is going into the third dimension with Dadish 3D!
  • Enjoy new levels, new characters, mechanics and more

When it comes to casual platformers, there are few that are as consistently well-made and engaging as the Dadish series from Thomas K. Young. But if you were the sort of person who was put off the series by the fact it’s in 2D, then good news! Now, the series is making the jump to 3D with Dadish 3D, coming to mobile, Switch and PC.

Shown off in a recently-released trailer (which you can view below), Dadish 3D is exactly what it says on the tin, taking the retro-inspired experience of Dadish in a full-3D world, boasting new retro-inspired graphics and more. According to the Nintendo news, this will also include more than fifty levels, new characters to meet and more! Dadish 3D is set to be the biggest game in the series thus far, and it’s coming soon…

Radical radish

We’re excited to see what’s coming with the new entry in the Dadish series. It’s a particular favourite of some of the editorial staff, and for good reason. The series so far has been a great throwback to the glory days of 2D platformers, and Dadish 3D looks to do the same, but for classic 3D platformers. It’s probably going to make people feel a bit old, seeing something like this referred to as ‘retro’, but it’s very much true.

We don’t have a solid release date or platform yet for Dadish 3D, but it’s definitely coming to Windows, Nintendo Switch and mobile (not confirmed for iOS or Android).

Want to find out more about Dadish? Check out our basic tips for Dadish to find out more about this game series! And if you’re not at all interested in platformers (for whatever reason) you can check out our curated list of the best games to try on mobile this week!

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