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Although Dark Souls is notorious for its difficulty, there are players who try to challenge themselves by making the game more extreme and complicated. As happens to be the most recent case, a new mod drastically overhauls the game in order to make it more roguelike, with a randomizer twist thrown into the mix.

Known as Roguelike Souls – The Binding of Lordran, which is a play on words on popular game The Binding of Isaac, the mod makes Dark Souls follow a similar gameplay formula while still keeping Dark Souls aspects in it. According to the mod’s description, progression is replaced with a roguelike system which tasks its players with “conquering a semi-random sequence of levels containing random enemy types in completely random positions […].” On top of that, the mod also randomizes loot, bosses, and some other random events.

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One factor that is important to point out is that players only have five lives. If a player dies five times while playing the mod, they will lose all progress and be sent back to Firelink Shrine to start over. However, any NPCs that the player has rescued will permanently stay in the location in order to provide various bonuses for the playthrough.

Lastly, the mod randomly generates weapons, armor, and spells every time it is installed. Furthermore, enemy animations are given random speeds, which may cause some of the enemies to move and attack very quickly, while other enemies can be incredibly slow. If players aren’t too happy with how their gameplay session was generated, then they will have to uninstall and reinstall the mod in hopes of creating a playthrough that fits their taste and gameplay style.

For anyone who would like to check the mod out, they can do so over on its official Nexus Mods page. The author of the mod, Grimrukh, also created the popular Daughters of Ash mod which released last year, meaning that fans who enjoyed that particular mod are in for a treat with this brand new mod. Even if players never experienced Daughters of Ash before, then Roguelike Souls can be seen as the perfect starting point.

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