Datamine Report: New Pokémon Sprites, Poses, Moves and More!

Trainers! Data miners have found some new updates in the game master file, including new Pokémon sprites, a new pose, new moves, and a reference to level 99,999?!

💡 Disclaimer  Everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change,  or not even being released at all. Information referenced in this article is made publicly available by a group of data miners called PokéMiners. Our article includes some of our  own commentary from experience. Data mining is, and never will be, something Niantic or the Pokémon Company endorses.

Enamorus Sprites

First up, the sprites have been added for Enamorus ahead of her release on Valentine’s Day in Elite Raids. It is Incarnate Forme Enamorus that is being released in Elite Raids, the more upright form of Enamorus. Therian Forme will likely follow at a later day, potentially even in a second round of Elite Raids on Valentine’s Day 2025.

Incarnate Forme Enamorus Therian Forme Enamorus

Captain Pikachu Update

The Captain Pikachu sprite has had an update, previously the sprite had the arms in the more traditional position for Pikachu, down by their side.


PhD Pikachu Pose

A brand new pose is live in game, called the PhD Pikachu Pose. We’ve seen reference to PhD Pikachu before, in the trailer released for the Season of Timeless Travels. Could we see a surprise appearance from PhD Pikachu at Sinnoh Tour? It also appears that there may me a hat and glasses with the PhD Pikachu theme, but the assets for these haven’t been pushed in game yet.

Showcase Unlock

For players that are level 99,999 (yes really!), you can unlock pose 57 if you win a maximum size contest. It appears that potentially this is for reaching Gold Medal on the Showcase badge, rather than actually hitting level 99,999, so if you have unlocked it let us know! Pose 57 may by the internal name for the PhD Pikachu pose. It also looks like the PhD Pikachu headband will unlock with the Platinum Medal for Showcases, so get entering them! Rural trainers, it is our time for once!

New Moves

Some new moves have also been added to the game master file:

  • Volt Tackle – an Electric type move that is the signature move of Pikachu and their evolution line. Could this also be related to the mentions of PhD Pikachu?
  • Darkest Lariat – a Dark type move, and the signature move of Incineroar. With Litten Community Day likely to happen in the upcoming season, we may also see Darkest Lariat added to Incineroar’s movepool.
  • Psywave – a Psychic type fast move, and the signature move of Misdreavus.
  • Metal Sound – a Steel type fast move. In the main series it doesn’t cause damage, but does lower the opponents defense stat by two stages.
  • Sand Attack – a Ground type fast move. In the main series it is a non-damage causing move that decreases your opponents accuracy by one stage.

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