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Dave the Diver will join the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog in April 2024

This is gonna be a big catch for PS Plus subscribers.

Last year’s PC/Switch hit is coming to PlayStation. Not only that, it’s just been announced that Dave the Diver will join the PS Plus Extra/Premium Game Catalog upon its launch, which is just around the corner. Prepare to run a sushi joint and dive deep into the ocean to explore the underwater world.

Play Dave the Diver with PlayStation Plus in April 2024

As revealed by Sony and the game’s director, Jaeho Hwang, Dave the Diver will become available in the PS Plus Game Catalog right at its PlayStation launch on April 16, 2024. Originally, the title hit the market in early access on PC, which was soon followed by a full release and a Nintendo Switch port. It quickly became one of the most popular and highest-rated games of 2023.

What will you be doing in this game? Hunting for big fish, exploring the ocean, entertaining the customers, preparing food, and participating in a plethora of other engaging minigames. If you have yet to play it, get ready for a lengthy and memorable RPG experience.

Where to get cheap PlayStation Plus?

If you’re interested in diving with Dave, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium membership. Below, you’ll find the offers for 1-month subscriptions. Remember, though, that using cheap PSN gift cards will help you save more money.

Will you be playing Dave the Diver once it releases on PlayStation and joins the PS Plus Game Catalog? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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