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Days Gone studio appears to be working on a live service multiplayer game

Sony has been working on a number of ‘live service’ projects at its studios for a while now. Some of these have been cancelled, like Naughty Dog’s TLOU Factions 2, or Insomniac’s promising-looking Spider-Man: The Great Web. Others have lived on, like the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer game. It seems Days Gone developer, Bend Studios, is also working on a live service project.

As spotted by Insider Gaming, Bend Studio’s career’s page has recently been updated with job listings, hinting at the direction for the company’s next game. One such job listing seeks a project manager with experience in other live service titles.

While Bend Studio had pitched a sequel to its post-apocalyptic zombie-shooter, Days Gone, Sony opted to put the series on ice, pushing Bend Studio to find new ideas.

It would seem that the studio is hoping to impress bosses with a multiplayer-focused project, an area that Sony executives have been looking to strengthen in recent years, despite some criticism from long-time fans of Sony’s first-party single-player titles.

Days Gone released back in 2019 for PS4 and later arrived on PC as part of the first wave of PlayStation exclusives going multi-platform. Bend Studio has not publicly announced any plans for its next game yet.

KitGuru Says: It is still early days and we have very little information on what the plans are for this game. We’ll be waiting for more concrete information before making any judgements. 

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