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Dead By Daylight Mobile opens up pre-registration in Southeast Asia

After having a successful post-launch year in the west, NetEase has announced that the popular asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game Dead By Daylight Mobile is launching a pre-registration campaign for Southeast Asian countries.

In case you’re unaware, Dead By Daylight Mobile is a port of a critically acclaimed PC game by the same name and pits four survivors against one killer, each controlled by a human player. The survivors spend the round attempting to outrun and outmanoeuvre the killer while trying to start up generators placed randomly across a wide variety of randomly generated maps. Meanwhile, the killer spends the round attempting to both stop them from repairing generators and murdering all of them. The game also features an in-depth skill tree-like system called the Blood Web that allows you to unlock perks and items for both killers and survivors to help assist you during matches.

Dead By Daylight is incredibly popular, and one of the busiest games on Steam, and the mobile port is no different. Now a year past its launch, it has seen immense success amongst new players and PC fans alike. With content updated pretty frequently, the game shows no signs of stopping soon, and this Southeast Asia release should serve to further its popularity as well. Currently, the campaign being run for pre-registration is ongoing and upon reaching a certain number of pre-registrators, different milestones will be met that will give out in-game rewards to all players, incentivizing everyone to get involved.

If you’re looking for a semi-competitive survival horror game with a very active community and plenty of reasons to log in and play every day, you can find Dead By Daylight Mobile for free on both Google Play and the App Store. If you’re located in the SEA region, you can pre-register for the title on the game’s official website.

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